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King Arthur And King Mark Comparrison

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King Arthur and King Mark are characters that revolve around making decisions. Their personalities are what help them make those decisions. Using the Kiersey Temperament sorter King Arthur and King Mark can be psychoanalyzed which shows that they did not hastily do things but they made choices because of their personas and their actions were a direct response to this. Their personality traits are what cause them to choose to do different things.During the three stories that he is in, Kin Arthur's actions are a direct reflection of his personality. Many traits in the Kiersey Temperament Sorter can accurately describe what Arthur is like. In the stories, Arthur always has to choose between two different actions to take. "Tide me death, betide me life, saith the King. Now I see him yonder alone; he shall never escape mine hands, for at a better avail shall I never have of him" (Sir Thomas Malory, 566). King Arthur is able to make a decision between letting Mordred suffer for the rest of his life or to kill him. Arthur decides to kill him and in doing so he gets mortally wounded. This action is a cause of King Arthur never wanting to give up. Like the personality ENFP from the Kiersey Temperament Sorter, King Arthur is quick with a solution to any difficulty. Arthur was always quick to rise up against any enemy who challenged him. "When the infamy of this notorious crime reached his ears, Arthur postponed the invasion he had wanted to make against Emperor Leo, and having sent Duke Hoel of the Armoricans with an army of Gauls to pacify those districts, he immediately returned to Britain" (Arthur in Geoffrey of Monmouth, 91). When he heard of Mordred's betrayal, Arthur was able to show that he did not like when other people go against his wishes. Like the ENTP personality, Arthur is skillful in finding logical reasons for what he wants. He never denies anyone's challenges because if he did, his honor would be negatively affected. The King was always being asked to do things for other people and he rarely refused any requests. "Arthur said, it is true: you are a first cousin to me. Name what you will and you shall have it, whatever your mouth and tongue may name" (Culhwch and Olwen, 34). Like the INFP personality, Arthur tends to undertake too much, then somehow gets it done. Arthur was always taking on challenges in order to make his honor rise even if they were nearly impossible. He would send his companions to accomplish the many easy tasks and then take the hardest one for himself. He did this in...

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