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King Arthur Movie Paper. Question: Compare Three Works Of Arthurian Literature And A Modern Movie For Themes (I.E. Damsel In Distress, Concealed Indentity, Etc.). Bibliography Included.

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The classic Arthurian hero has been apart of literature since the early middle ages. In contemporary times, scores of authors, poets, and screen writers have used the Arthurian hero in many works. Sir Thomas Malory's Lancelot, T.H. White's Wart, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Knights of the Round Table all have characteristics which exemplify the classic Arthurian hero.All Arthurian heroes are in search for something. It is the purpose for which the story is being told. In T. H. White's "The Sword in the Stone," young Arthur desires to "be made a knight" (White, 254). He spends much of his childhood wishing this, thinking that he will never become one. However, the reader knows that the young Wart will become the most powerful knight in English history. In Sir Thomas Malory's "Sir Launcelot du Lake," Launcelot strives for personal glory by proving himself through adventure. The story simply begins with Launcelot prowling for a quest and wandering about for adventure. In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, King Arthur himself is appointed by God "to seek the Holy Grail" (Monty). He and his knights of the round table go about England in search for the Holy Grail finding themselves in testing yet comical situations.No matter the time frame, the classic Arthurian hero goes through great lengths to accomplish their aspirations. However, reaching one's goals is never an easy task for an Arthurian hero. Many obstacles, distractions, and challenges always plague the hero's path toward achieving their desires. Although this hero may not be aware of it, Wart's obstacle is education. In each of Merlyn's teachings, Wart, the young King Arthur, acquires an important skill with each experience, which is essential towards Arthur's future. Each of these capabilities and experiences help Wart pull out the sword which crowns him king. Without Merlyn, Wart certainly would not have been as well educated as he had been. Merlyn, in sense, helps Wart overcome his impediment by educating him. On the contrary, Thomas...

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