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King Corn By Aaron Woolf Essay

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Aaron Woolf is the director/producer of the documentary King Corn. In the documentary Woolf followed Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis a yearlong to understand where their food comes from by growing it. While filming the documentary Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis tried to go corn free for a month they discovered that it was not feasible to do. They released the documentary for us to see what happens to the food that we eat and the process it goes though before we buy it at the supermarket. By doing the research to write this paper it made me realize that the food industry and the government are not protecting humans or the animals. If the government are the ones that are “protecting us”, then who is? I am disturbed by all the things that I read and it seems that government is okay by it are they trying to control the life span of the human race? It brings too many questions to my head now I know why I can’t lose the weight I need to lose.
Here are some of the marketing concepts that they used for the corn business:

Selling corn in massive quantity can lead to a greater profit. An ear of corn may averages about eight-hundred kernels in sixteen rows and a pound of corn consists of approximately 1,300 kernels. One-hundred bushels of corn makes approximately 7,280,000 kernels. Every year, a single U.S. Farmer may provides food and fiber for 129 people in the U.S. and 32 overseas. In the U.S., corn production is 2 times that of any other crop. Over 55% of Iowa’s corn goes to foreign markets and the rest is used in other parts of the United States of America.

Corn is a high commodity in the U.S; our ham, eggs and pancakes for breakfast, California BLT at lunch, or double cheese hamburger for dinner were all produced with U.S. Corn. Corn is a major necessity in many food items such peanut butter, snack foods, cereal and soft drinks.
U.S. researchers have been the leaders in finding way in finding many uses for corn like in vitamins and amino acids. Corn is used to produce fuel which makes gasoline burn cleaner and reducing air pollution this does not pollute the water. Corn is also very inexpensive.

Corn in the U.S is grown in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska theses states alone account for over 50% of the corn grown in the U.S. and part of the corn belt as well as Ohio, Indiana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas, Michigan, and Missouri. These states are also major corn growing states. Corn is produced on every continent of the world with the exception of Antarctic. The Pacific Rim region is emerging as the world's fastest growing market for U.S. Corn and the majority of the world's population is located in the Pacific Rim region. Exports are critical to the wellbeing of American agriculture. Almost one third of the nation's corn crop is targeted for exports.

Corn use
5.2 billion Bushels (bb) of livestock feed and residual use. This includes 1 bb in distiller’s grains from ethanol production.
3.5 bb directly...

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