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King Cotton Essay

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As early as the 1700s, cotton began to make its mark. The United States, in the 1800s, adopted cotton as its leading export and it was one of the world’s largest suppliers of the plant. Cotton allowed for the United States’ economy to drastically boom, for most of the world’s supply of cotton came from the American Southern soil. The cotton industry, powered by the extensive and tedious labor of the African American slaves, generated enormous sums of money for the United States. “In many respects, cotton’s financial and political influence in the 19th century can be compared to that of the oil industry in the early 21st century” (Dattel, Web). Although it was considered a cash crop, cotton ...view middle of the document...

Like stated before, it was a very long, treacherous, and restless job to pick each individual seed from the cotton plant, and the cotton gin allowed for the duration of the process to be cut in over half the time prior to the cotton gin invention. Now that cotton became easier to clean and since it grows easily, they needed more and more land to grow it on and therefore sent more Natives packing once again. African slaves were free labor that farmers sought out and needed to harvest all the cotton that had been planted. Cotton planters enjoyed hefty profits and sought to expand their thriving enterprises. With this history changing invention, demand for slavery increased more than ever. Southern masters bought more and more slaves to increase their cotton production levels.
With this demand for cotton and slavery, came the Civil War. The North wanted to completely abolish this form of labor, for it was very unfair and violent in the eyes of many. They preferred to hire Americans to work in the mills and factories, so they became upset that the South would go so low in moral integrity as to resorting to the cheap form of labor known as slavery. The South needed it more than anything became more and more willing to secede from the Union in order to keep their cash coming. After the Mexican-American War, the United States then faced the decisions on whether to make them slave states or free states; of course the South was for slavery and the North against it. There was also the Election of 1860, which resulted in Abraham Lincoln becoming president. This act made it known to the South that regardless of anything stated...

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