King Henry Viii Of England And Ireland

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Henry the VIII was born in June 28, 1491. Named after his father, Henry VII, he was bound to live a great life. He was Henry VII and Elizabeth of York’s second son and was not expected to be King, until his brother’s death in 1501 (Eakins). Henry was born at Greenwich Palace and was one of the three children that survived birth. Henry was 18 years old when he became King. He was very smart and talented as a child. Henry the VIII was very fond of the arts, especially writing and music. He was very artistic and intelligent, playing many instruments and composed a few pieces. The composition of Greensleeves is often attributed to him, though he did not compose it (royal). There were many other things besides the arts that Henry the VIII enjoyed such as tennis and other athletics to name a few. Along with being fond of athletics, he spoke three different languages: French, Latin, and Spanish. Religion was important to him and he loved to hunt and fish (Eakins) (royal). Henry the VIII accomplished many great things throughout his lifetime. People usually overlook his accomplishments and put the main focus on his six marriages (britannia).
The first of the six wives was Catherine of Aragon, who was his brother Arthur’s widow. They were married from 1509 until 1533. Though Henry did not want to marry her he couldn’t stop the marriage. The marriage was made official during the first few months of King Henry’s reign (Jokinen). Catherine of Aragon was born December 16, 1485. She was the youngest daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella. Henry VIII was focused on having a son so that when he became old and could not rule anymore the boy could take over all of his duties. While he was married to Catherine there would be no male heir to follow him on the throne. No matter how many times Catherine and Henry tried for a boy they were unsuccessful. Catherine had two miscarriages and two of their children died days after being born. They didn’t give up hope and Catherine gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Mary, also known as Bloody Mary (Eakins). The only thing he had to show for his marriage was their daughter Mary, and there was a popular impression that women were excluded from the throne, and if anyone tried to change that it would’ve started a civil war. Catherine could not give Henry the boy he wanted therefore he divorced her. Catherine of Aragon died January 7, 1536.
During Henry’s first marriage one of his interests peaked. He became very interested in the navy. He supported Wolsey’s and Ferdinand’s war-like designs on France. After looking into these designs, he followed an English army across the Channel in 1513. He then also took part in the successful journey of Therouanne and Tourney and the battle of Guinegate, which then led to peace in 1514 (Jokinen).
Henry invested a lot of time and money into the Navy. He invested so much that the size increased from 5 to 53 ships. One of the ships he invested in was called the Mary Rose. The Mary Rose...

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