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Chapter 1 Once upon a time there lived king named King John the third. He lived in a huge castle surrounded by a bunch of armies and a giant huge moat full of water and sharks. He had it all made he had the money the riches and everything except the one thing he longed for, someone who he can love. He usually never got to get out of the castle so he did not get meet that many people. One day as he was walking through his courtyards he saw a young girl over the balcony she was at the pond picking flowers and humming wonderful little verses in as she pranced around. The king thought this girl was very attractive and beautiful. But the king never knew what love really was because every girlfriend he ever had would either be with him for his money or just so she can be queen. So he thought that love was just a girl that wanted to be with him, so every time he'd try to marry he would find out that they were stealing and wasting his money. So now the king is paranoid about having a relationship with a girl. But the king was not a bad man he was very young and loyal to his people. He loved to play arrows and shoot the cross bow. So the next day he told his loyal advisor to fill in for him as he wondered out into town but the advisor although disagreeing said yes.Chapter 2 Morning comes and the king is getting ready and fixing himself up to look rich and to smell good to be clean and stuff. But then the advisor comes in and asks him why he is dressed so richly. The king answers so I can show that woman I saw yesterday how rich I am. The advisor responds no she does not care about your riches or your looks (not) true love is found in the heart not in the riches or the looks. The king agreed and put on some old workman's clothes that was left there bye the workers who were working on the upstairs room. Then he told the advisor that he was leaving but the advisor warned the king not to go outside the castle and announce that he was a king because if he does the girls will not love you they will only be after you because you are a king. So the king took that advise very seriously and agreed. So on his way to the city he could not take his royal carriage or a horse or they might know he was rich. So instead he walked it was a very far walk but it was worth it to find true love. As he got to the village he looked around at all the shops and things that were around him because he had never seen them before. Then he started to look for the beautiful woman he saw at the pond the other day.Chapter 3 Then all of a sudden the king walked into a shop and saw the girl inside looking for something nice to buy so she went to the counter to buy the new outfit that she had picked out but the man told her she did not have enough money to buy it. So the king being dressed up as a poor man told the clerk that he would pay what ever was needed.The girl was already by that charmed by the way his generous heart was. She thanked him and asked him if he wanted to come to dinner...

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