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King King King King Try Again

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Timothy Tackett, a cunning American historian, wrote When the King Took Flight. In the Book titled, When the King Took Flight, the author Timothy Tackett forms a detailed reading on the royal Flight of Varennes. In this Historical novel Tackett took his previous knowledge of Varennes to new heights by researching the Flight of Varennes and including them throughout his Novel. Tackett subtly provides an argument that Louis XVI’s heinous failed attempt of a flight led to victory for the revolution. Tackett seems to support the fact that the king was the reason the Flight failed, because of his inability to plan the flight was a failure.
During the royal Flight Louis XVI attempted to escape ...view middle of the document...

Since the flight failed it may have led to victory for the revolutionaries. Tackett made it was obvious that he believed the Flight had a great historical significance.
The royal family’s capture prevented the King from reaching Austria the homeland of his wife. This ultimately ended the king’s main objective to form an obscurantist based army that was supposed to end the revolution. The King’s flight nearly prevailed, but was adjourned in Varennes. Tackett suggest at one time the citizens would have helped the king, but throughout the revolution the king’s people had lost trust in the king. The adjournment of the flight was caused after the royal family was identified in Sainte-Menehould. The exhibition was halted once news of the identification of the king was reported in the city of Varennes. The king may have succeeded with his plan of escape if he didn’t reschedule it. The king also failed to realize the severity of the political situation in France. The king’s arrogance of believing only a minority supported the revolution caused him to delay his escape. The delay of escape may have been what ultimately caused an unsuccessful flight. Tackett acknowledges in his novel that had the king left in earlier months his flight may have been an actual success. As the previous paragraph suggested Tackett was implying that the king was being anti-revolutionary. Tackett’s argues that the failed attempt was very important to the revolution; if the attempt had succeeded the king may have ended the whole revolution. This strengthens Tackett’s argument that the king caused the victory for the revolution.
The failed Flight was a stepping stone that Tackett seems to suggest changed France, and was what would eventually cause the fall of the government. The fact that the citizens resisted the king’s attempt of the flight just shows the citizens unsatisfactory with the government. Tackett also shows how the king caused the flight to fail by showing the king’s inability to plan accordingly. One such inability of the king to plan can be seen in the fact that the king chose to travel through Varennes of all towns. Varennes ended up being the wrong city to choose. Varennes was a small town that had been greatly affected by the revolution. The city had been heavily taxed and had multiple issues with the government. The town also had a developed militia. For the king to choose a town that was not happy with him may have been what led to the failed flight, or so it seems like Tackett was suggesting anyhow. Tackett uses the early chapters to not only discuss the failed attempt, but also to show the disgust of the French people, Thus detailing that the king himself caused the flight to fail, especially when he choose to travel through the town of Varennes which was already so tense. This town had a militia that was instated to watch for opposition to the revolution.
The king’s inability to plan for the escape seems to be what led to the victory of the revolution....

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