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King Lear Capturing Modern Emotion Essay

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In 2016 Keeping Up With The Kardashians is one of the most viewed shows worldwide. It documents a very wealthy family’s daily lives but highlights conflict and drama within the family. Back some 400 years ago, William Shakespeare wrote King Lear. It is still very popular today because of the family issues and themes in the play, being reflected in our modern day society. Some key elements he demonstrates that modern audiences still can relate too are, how greed and striving for power within families can ruin relationships. Betrayal leading to guilt and despair. Shakespeare also describes mental health issues and how that affects a person and those surrounding them.

When playing monopoly, you obviously want all the hotels and wealth in order to win the game. You are driven by greed and a hunger for power. This is what drove apart families in King Lear and families of today. Early in the play there is already visible tension between Gonerill and Regan, when King Lear is dividing his land and wealth. They compete against each over in order to receive the largest inheritance. After Gonerill declares her fake sentiments of love to their father, Regan proceeds, ‘I find she names my very deed of love, only she comes too short’. She Claimed she loves their father more therefore she should receive a larger portion. After they receive equal inheritance, they are united by their ambitions to overthrow the king’s power, but this doesn't last long. Ultimately they kill one another other greed for boy! despite Gonerill being married. Similar events are still happening in our society. Shakespeare drives this point home by reflecting these events in the parallel plot. Edmon the illegitimate son feels neglected by his father and becomes jealous. The legitimate son, Edgar is due to get the inheritance. He says, ‘Well then legitimate Edgar, I must have your land. Our father’s love is to the bastard Edmond’. So he plans to ruin his brother and father’s relationship in order to receive wealth and power. Sound familiar? Greed and power still corrupts 400 years on. Gina Rinehart who has a net worth of 11 billion USD. despite this she entered a lengthy legal battle to deny a portion of the fortune her children were legally entitled to, destroying her family in the process.

Betrayal. We've all felt it at some point whether it be a friend sharing something private on social media or someone breaking your trust in a relationship. King Lear holds an important message for audiences to learn today that betrayal will only lead to misery and guilt. At first Lear feels pathetic and betrayed by his daughters and even goes as far to say that he is ‘a man...

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