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King Lear Essay-AuthorityIn this world, people constantly take things for granted. In the last century, the world has seen many dictators, tyrants, and many leaders who hesitated to take action against them. Overtime many leaders have abused the authority they were given, or they overreached their bounds. Many also hesitated to do what was truly right, in order to save themselves the trouble. In a time where freedom, safety, and equality are so important, authority figures need to learn to use power responsibly. In the play King Lear by William Shakespeare, many characters abuse their authority, causing negative things to happen. Most of them learn from it which endows them with new wisdom and the ability to use their authority responsibly. In some cases, people overreach the appropriate level of their authority, making irrational decisions which cause them to have unpleasant experiences. This grants them new sight of their responsibility to use their power wisely. Additionally, people at times exploit their authority by misleading other people, this selfish decision results in negative consequences. Through these consequences, they are able to realize that they should use their authority responsibly. And finally, when people misuse their authority by failing to exert it properly, it results in hesitation when making decisions, which results in negative experiences. This negative consequence allows this person to realize that they have to use their authority in a conscientious way. Moreover, people who misuse their authority make unintelligent decisions resulting in undesirable outcomes. Through these negative experiences, they realize that their authority must be used in a responsible manner.In some instances, characters overreach the bounds of their authority, making irrational decisions which cause them to have unpleasant experiences. These negative experiences give them the ability to realize that their authority is to be used sensibly. The character of King Lear starts off the play by displaying his power to all people present at the ceremony where he will divide his lands. Unfortunately he is in a mood that anyone whom he believes disrespects his authority is to be banished. Cordelia refuses to profess her love to her father in order to receive a piece of his land. King Lear reacts to this quite irrationally; he assumes that Cordelia merely does not love him. Being his favorite daughter, this strikes an enormous blow to Lear's ego. So in his haste, Lear irrationally decides to use his authority irresponsibly in order to banish Cordelia from his lands. Lear does not realize the repercussions of his actions:Here I disclaim all my paternal care,Propinquity and property of blood,And as a stranger to my heart and meHold thee from this for ever. (i, i, 115-118)Lear believes that he is all-mighty and deserves exceptional treatment from his daughters. He believes that he should be showered with love and affection before he gave them anything. Lear...

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King Lear Essay

766 words - 3 pages they loved once change also becomes deceiving and treacherous. It is also when they are alone in the harsh weather that they start caring for the people in the world that they never knew of. Therefore, being blind to reality, it is only the process of pain and suffering that they go through in order to achieve their insight of the world in King Lear. The role authority in this play is very significant to leading characters such as

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800 words - 3 pages Imagery in King Lear             In the immense amount of writing that William Shakespeare had done in his career as a playwright and or writer in general there are bound to be some consistencies and reoccurring themes that make his writing so popular and interesting.  In many cases it is hard to tell whether the thematic structure that many writers follow is intentional or not, but it is possible that there is a reasoning for a specific

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1038 words - 4 pages commits in this play is the relinquishment of his throne.  By abdicating his throne to fuel his   ego, Lear disrupts the great chain of being, which states that the king must not challenge the position that God has given him.  This undermining of   God's authority results in chaos that tears apart Lear's world, leaving him, in the end, with nothing.   Not only does Lear show a lack of solid judgment in deciding to abdicate

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1119 words - 4 pages In Shakespeare's King Lear, Shakespeare paints Lear's egotistic attitude, both of which made his life tormented and full of misery. Because of his poor judgement and excessive pride, he loses not only the kingdom that he takes pride in but most importantly, the daughter that loves him the most. However, as the play progresses, Lear journeys from egoism to humility and death.Lear is a very egotistic man. In the beginning, the foolish king (who

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611 words - 2 pages In King Lear one of the most important themes is blindness. In King Lear both Lear and glouscter are blind. In this book blindness is not a physical quality but a mental flaw that some people have. Both King Lear and glouscter are good examples of blindness. Each of these characters's blindness was the main cause of the bad decisions they made. The blindest character in my mind was King Lear. Because of Lear's high position in society, he was

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1109 words - 4 pages "King Lear" is one of Shakespeare's most reproduced and recontextualised plays. Different productions over the years, regardless of the play's universal themes, have evolved and been informed by the social and political constructs and values of their time, emphasising the binaries of blindness and sight, chaos and order and good and evil. It is the ideas, which are universal; the text, which is unstable and can therefore be adapted to different

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868 words - 3 pages Shakespeare's King Lear is valued and received in many different contexts and in a myriad of ways. Peter Brook, a noted psychoanalytical critic asserts " A writer can write a text and stick by it, even when a new edition comes out. Whereas if you are making this living material, which is making a bridge between and old text and actors, audiences of now, everything from values, concerns and character positioning must be changed."A family drama

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855 words - 3 pages , Edgar only feigns madness. As Edgar takes the role of a "spirit" (3.4.39), he reveals: (1) Edmund's moral condition, by prescribing moral laws that he will break (3.4.80-83); and (2) that Gloucester will be blinded by Edmund (3.4.117). This essay will begin by examining how Edgar's role, as an outcast feigning madness, resembles the life and fate of King Lear, and then will show how his role as a spirit, reveals future events that will come to

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1710 words - 7 pages History depends on interpretation and interpretation depends on context. "King Lear" can be seen in many contexts and interpreted as a political statement, a comment on family dynamics or a look at the battle of good versus evil. It can be analysed to mean different things. It is easy to forget that "King Lear" is a play about family, but I think the play at its deepest level is commenting on family, and the changing dynamics of families as the

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580 words - 2 pages King Lear is To Blame   In William Shakespeare's play, "King Lear", the main character, King Lear, claims to be "a man more sinned against than sinning"(3.2.60-61). Though a good king, King Lear's own actions cause his family and kingdom to fall apart. The sins committed against King Lear are a result of his personal faults of rashness, blindness, and foolishness.   King Lear's hot temper and hasty decisions play a

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965 words - 4 pages Biblical Imagery in Lear   Had King Lear been exposed to Christian Scriptures, he may have learned the folly of his prideful demand that his daughters vocally profess their love.  The Scriptures clearly state that "if any tried to by love with their wealth, contempt is all they would get." (Sg 8:7) Of course, had King Lear read and abided by the Scriptures, we would be wanting of a great work of literature

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1304 words - 5 pages "The Tragedy of King Lear" is a text that has immense textural integrity due to its universal themes and level of craft which is reflected by sophisticated integration of the tragic structure, language and characterisation. When interpreting a play like King Lear critically, one must realise that despite each and every one of our differing contexts the textual integrity of King Lear still remains applicable to a contemporary audience. The

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704 words - 3 pages A text must have its use-by date, perhaps with most texts but not with "King Lear". There is no one definitive "King Lear", the themes and underlying messages. Idea's explored by the play such as Good vs. Evil and Chaos vs. Anarchy are universal despite the context it's discussed and explored in. Although language is a barrier due to the evolution of the English language, Shakespeare is written to be performed on a stage, not read. Different

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1533 words - 7 pages emotional need of a tired king. He created a play that illustrated the needs of reason and emotion for a human being. King Lear has been in a position of authority and superiority. This position shapes King Lear into a man full of pride. However, as King Lear’s age grows, his emotional needs also grows. It is the false pride of Lear that blinded him with his emotional needs. King Lear behaved rashly and irresponsibly at the start of the play