King Louis Xvi Of France And Marie Antoinette

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King Louis XVI was born in the palace of Versailles on August 24, 1754. When he was 16 years old he was arranged to marry Marie Antoinette of the Habsburg empire, her mother was Maria Theresa. The French ruling family and the Habsburg family wanted the couple to get married so the two ruling families would have a stronger relationship. In 1774 his brother passed making him the new king of France.
Growing up he did not receive the proper training to rule France making him a weak leader. Also he was not interested in ruling France he wanted to do so much more. He had problems handling state affairs, he was very shy and he had trouble making up his mind. Even with all of these problems he was very interested in governing more effectively than his grandfather. He had inherited a lot of debt and the people hoped that he would help them.
The monarchs had trouble raising money from the people because the aristocracy was excused from paying taxes. He tried to make them pay but that meant the nobility would have to pay taxed as well so they tried their best not to get the law passed and they succeeded. They also accomplished with them getting more privileges and they undermined the king’s effort to tax the upper classes. He took an active role in France’s foreign policy making his financial problems greater than they were already. He supported the American colonies to free themselves from the British. He helped the colonies gain their independence. After that he once again tried to tax the nobility so they could pay of the debt that he gained from aiding the Americans.
King Louis called to have the Estates-General to meet. It was made up three parts, the nobility, the clergy, and the third estate made up of the middle class and the common people of France. The third estate was the biggest one out of the three, they decided that they wanted to be the voice for the French nation. King Louis was getting worried so he decided...

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