King's Short Stories, "The Reaper's Image Here There Be Tygers", "Cain Rose Up", "The Wedding Gig", "Morning Deliveries"

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The Reaper's ImageThis story is about two men who were transporting an antique mirrow from thefirst floor of an old museum to the fifth. Their names were Spangler and Carlin. Thismirror had a history of being haunted, and some people would look into the mirror and seea hooded figure standing behind them. This figure was presumed to be Death, andwhenever someone would see this figure they were never seen again. Carlin spends thewhole story trying to convice Spangler that this is really true, but Spangler just calls Carlincrazy. Finally, near the end of the story, Spangler looks in the mirror and sees a darkinperfection in the corner, which he mistakes for friction tape. When Carlin tells him thatthere is no friction tape on the mirror, Spangler becomes sick and leaves for the bathroom.The story ends with Carlin waiting for Spangler to return.I thought that this story was very good, because it started off really slow andworked it's way into a really interesting plot. I liked the end because it never reallyfinished, it left the ending up to the reader. This seems to be a common theme in a lot ofStephen King's stories. He likes to leave the reader in suspense, and keep themwondering.Here There Be TygersThis story is about a little boy named Charles who is in elementary school. He hasto go to the bathrrom really bad, but he is afraid to ask because the teacher does not likehim. Finally the teacher sees him squirming and asks him if he needs to use the restroom.He says yes and is very embarassed in front of the class, so he leaves quickly. When hesteps into the bathroom, he sees a tiger lying in the corner, and it looks hungry. He goesback outside and sits there for a while wondering what he should do. His friend Kennyfinally comes up to him because his teacher noticed that he was gone a long time. Charlestells him that there is a tiger in the bathroom, but Kenny does not believe him. Kennygoes into the bathroom and does not come back out. Then even later, his teacher comesand starts yelling at him. She goes into the bathroom and she doesn't come back outeither. The story ends with Charles coming back to class and reading a story about arodeo.This is another story that ends really abruptly. It was strange because afterknowing that his friend and his teacher were both killed by a tiger, he goes back to classand begins reading his book. I thought that this was a decent story, although I didn'tenjoy it as much as some of the others. The one part that I did find interesting though,was the fact that it never really explained why a tiger would be lingering in a bathroomanyway. I like that about these short stories, they never really make a lot of sense.Cain Rose UpThis story is about a guy named Garrish who had just finished finals in college andwas preparing to go home. His friend and him had taken the test just minutes before thestory began, and both of them felt as if they had not done a good job. Garrish was a 4.0student, never doing bad in anything. His...

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