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The Report of King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” a letter addressing eight Alabama Clergymen, depicts King’s response to their public. During the time King articulated his response, Birmingham Jail had imprisoned him for not following the court order to cease his protests against segregation. In his rebuttal against their public statement King masters the art of an argument. King’s mastery of argument shines through when looking at his capability of addressing every side of an argument, his ability to use analogies, and his easily understandable repetition.
King’s diction exemplifies his ability to include every side of an argument. When he argues, his first point remains to justify the point he is proving wrong to ensure full understanding. When king rephrases his opposes “in your statement” he refers back to original source of controversy that led him to write his argument. This helps the reader understand exactly were he bases his argument on leaving no room for misconceptions. He addresses first their argument then proves it wrong in his. By acknowledge first his opponents view “you express great deal of anxiety” he expresses his own opinion on theirs. By a showing both sides of the argument, King obliterates any opportunity for misunderstanding. Another aspect in pulling in all sides of his argument can be seen when instead of using his own opinion to deflect the argument; King uses the words of prestigious people. When King states, “I agree with St. Augustine” he shows that his point remains not only his, but also the belief of a very well renowned person. In using the words of St. Augustine, King demonstrates utmost reason. His rivals in this way cannot minimize his point for King shares the same view as more respected people than them. “Jesus,” to the clergymen ranks above anyone else, so when King uses the Jesus against him, his ability to see and use all sides of the argument works for his advantage. When King states “Isn’t this like condemning Jesus” when referring to the mistreatment of Blacks, he hits home with the clergymen very deep. King shows true writing mastery when he shows his obvious ability to depict all sides of an argument to his advantage.
King exploits the usage of analogies to the benefit his own writing. By comparing two different things in various ways King exposes the erroneous...

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