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King Solomon Essay

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King Solomon

King Solomon one of the most influential kings in the entire bible Solomon was a wise king and was gifted as well as punished for his transgressions on his people and God. This paper will show how Solomon was thought to be one of the greatest kings of the bible, his contributions on the lively hood of the Israelite people and how he was sent to bring the people into a new type of living for the people of Israel. This paper will give a personal account on my reason for thinking that Solomon is a great king of his time.

Solomon was born the son of Bathsheba and thought to be the illegitimate son of David. The people accepted this since Bathsheba was a prostitute, and Solomon was to be the heir of the throne regardless of any parental problems. According to 1Kings 1:17,
“She said to him, ‘My lord you swore to your servant by the Lord your God, saying your son Solomon shall succeed me as king, and he shall sit on my throne,’”

This comes from a conversation between Bathsheba and David so that the choice of the king would be Solomon. So according to scripture Solomon was the chosen successor of David. Once Solomon received the thrown he prayed to God to be blessed with the great wisdom that the Lord his God have.

     The lord God granted Solomon with a wisdom that would surpass all. He would be wiser than everyone from the north would and wiser than all the people of Egypt. The lord blessed Solomon with riches and honor because he did not ask for these things from God. God blessed Solomon with this wisdom, riches, and honor mainly to bring about a new way for the kings of Israel. Solomon not asking for wealth and power pleased God making him willing to grant him with those two extra gifts. Solomon received wisdom, luxury, and pleasure but according to Lansine,

The Solomon of kings has knowledge; he doesn’t achieve it. He is given wisdom; he is not given an education. Solomon receives knowledge; he doesn’t earn it. He under goes no youthful learning experience.”

This means that without God giving the blessing of wisdom unto Solomon he may not have been the great leader that he was today. This gift made Solomon loved by all people of his kingdom. Solomon used his wisdom to make a decision about two women and a dead baby. This story in the bible shows how two prostitutes who both have given birth to a child are arguing because one of the babies has died and the mother of the dead baby wants to claim the living one. They come to see king Solomon for a judgement, he tells the women that he would cut the baby in half so that both women would have a piece of the child. Solomon did this so that he could see which women would have compassion for the child, who ever showed such compassion would be the mother. The order was sent out to split the child but one woman says not to cut the baby but to give it to the other women. With seeing this sign of compassion towards the child Solomon doesn’t cut the child but gives it to...

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