Kingshaw's Feelings In Susan Hill's I'm The King Of The Castle

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July 2ndDear diary,Hooper came back from the hospital today. I can’t believe time flew by so fast when I was alone in the house. I was OK then. But now he is back and everything is back to normal… And normal is terrible for me. He noticed I had taken his puzzle. How did he, I don’t have a clue, I put it back in the exact same spot! But he knew. Hooper always knows everything that goes on in this bloody house. Even when he’s away, he knows. Mom told me to spend time with him because he is stuck in bed, she didn’t let me go out. She forced me to stay in his room. And I don’t want to be with him! He hates me. He hates me even more than he used to (I didn’t know it was possible.). I tried to tell mom that, but she didn’t believe me. I have this strange feeling like she doesn’t want to listen to me anymore. She keeps spoiling Hooper instead of taking care of me. She never gives me presents anymore, she ignores me now. It’s always about Hooper, Hooper, Hooper. She’s always nice to him, and to Mr Hooper, and she thinks that I should be the same. It should not be that way, it’s my mom, mine. And soon I will have to go to school with Hooper, they keep talking about it now, they tell me that I must do very well there, and that I’m going to be happy, but I know I won’t. I want to go back to St Vincent’s, Hooper’s school will be even worse than here, all of Hooper’s friends will make fun of me and I will hate it. Why did Hooper have to come back? I wish he DIED when he fell off that stupid castle! I wish he was DEAD so he could not bother me anymore!…I can’t believe I’ve just written this. But I’ve never hated someone so much before. Today I told him that he did not frighten me, I tried to prove him...

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