Kingship In The Epic Of Gilgamesh English 101 Assignment

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Kingship in the Epic of Gilgamesh
Individuals who are chosen to rule over a kingdom and are well respected by most is called a king. A King possesses authority over everyone in his kingdom and has the ability to do whatever he pleases. He is someone who orders his men knowing that they will do anything for him, even giving up their life for him. His command is absolute and it must be followed thoroughly or there will be consequences and it means that the individual is opposing the king, therefore, making an enemy of his whole kingdom. A King is someone who has a cold demeanor and has the ability to assess situations and react accordingly to what is most beneficial to him and his kingdom even if it means killing people.
At the start of Gilgamesh’s story, he is the epitome of a king because he was selfish when he kept himself satisfied by using women that are going to be married and having sex with them before they could have sex with their husbands. A King is not supposed to be abusing his powers just because he has the title of a king. A righteous king would not interfere in the lives of his people and he would be doing what is in the best interest of the people, rather than himself. Gilgamesh falls short of being a king because he does not help his people as a king should be doing. He focuses on himself instead of focusing on others around him.
Gilgamesh and a conventional king are not similar at all because a king does not necessarily have superhuman strength. A conventional king is someone who would...

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