Kiobel Vs. Royal Dutch Petroleum Essay

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Effects of Video Gaming on TeensIn the 1940's, Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann introduced the cathode ray tube amusement device which was an invention and later filed it under the United States patent. From there, video gaming became popular in the 1970's and 80's. Arcade video games, game consoles and home computer games were later introduced to the general public. It has become a part of culture in this modern world today. Video gaming has proven to give people great entertainment but to what extent do video gaming have on the society. Society and some researchers have made video games a bad image to people who want to get them; such doubts are forcing them to make decisions just to protect their children. With this, people don't see the real benefits it has on teens and the extent; it will be with them all their lives. Video games have come a long way in the society and it has improved to such tremendous heights that teens have access to it every day and everywhere. According to Professor Peter Gray, a researcher of psychology at Boston College, stated that, "there is growing evidence that children who previously showed little interest in reading and writing are now acquiring advanced literacy skills through the text-based communication in on-line video games" (Gray). With that, Video gaming has many positive effects that teens can develop the minds and body physical and mentally for the betterment of themselves and the society as a whole.In the 21st century, most video gaming requires skills that involve abstract and high level of thinking thus which helps to makes the brains of teens have a real work out. Some of these skills taught on video games to teens are not taught in schools. Some of these skills are problem solving, quick thinking, and accuracy; develop reading and math skills, perseverance and so on. According to Michelle Trudeau, who wrote an article on, "Video Games Boost Brain Power, Multitasking Skills?", she stated that said if parents feel that their children are wasting too much time playing video games, then they are wrong because a new research suggests that video games may have benefits for their child's a child's developing brain. A professor at University of Rochester, under the brain and cognitive sciences, Professor Daphne Bavelier studies teens that play action video games. The Professor has conducted over 20 studies. Professor Bavelier's studies show that such games in action games, the character has to run and shoot at the enemy at the same time. Okay? When it comes to targeting the enemy, the character must then coordinate the brain's interpretation with the movement of their hands and fingertips which enables them to perfectly shoot the enemy down, thus this process gives the teen a successful eye hand coordination and visual spatial ability. From this, Professor Bavelier says, "It turns out that action video games are far from mindless" (qtd. in Trudeau). With this, video games has have a real positive...

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2831 words - 11 pages known as Shell. 60% of the group is owned by Royal Dutch of Netherland and 40% is owned by the Shell Transport and Trading group of Great Britain. Shell includes many companies like Shell Petroleum of the USA, Shell Nigeria, Shell Argentina, Shell South Africa etc.Royal Dutch/Shell Group is Europe's second biggest oil company. Shell Nigeria is one of the largest oil producers in the Royal Dutch/ Shell Group. Shell Nigeria operates in the Niger Delta

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8088 words - 32 pages Santiago de Compostella in Spain. Whatever its origins, the original design was a reasonably faithful reproduction of the Pecten or scallop shell.When the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and "Shell" Transport and Trading merged in 1907 it was the latter's brand name and symbol which then became the short form name ("Shell") and the visible emblem (the "Pecten") of the new Royal Dutch/Shell Group. And so it has remained ever since. The form of the Shell

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6839 words - 27 pages also expanded the gas transportation through pipelines. The company strategy involves B2B business rather then retailing.Edinburgh Oil Company: - This is a Scottish firm mainly involved in UK's North Sea and inland oil and refinery production .The firm has main target market as Europe and .The off shore operation is mainly through licensing.Apart from above firms Marathon Corporation, Kerr McGee, Talisman, Royal Dutch Shell is the international

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2329 words - 10 pages 2003, she made the decision to divert ninety percent of the Trinity River into the Sacramento River, resulting in a massive death of steelhead and chinook fish in the Klamath River. Upon leaving her governmental position, she was hired by Royal Dutch Shell to the unconventional resources division as a general council, where her job was to focus on extraction of oil and gas. (Etzion, Davis, 2008) Another example is Philip A Cooney, the chief of

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1025 words - 4 pages GLOBLE BUSINESS AND ETHICS PAPER PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Royal Dutch Shell: Globe Business and Ethics PaperStudent's NameMGT/216February 7, 2010Professor's NameGlobe Business and Ethics PaperRoyal Dutch Shell (Shell) is the second largest multinational petrochemical company in the world. According to Shell, "In 1833, shopkeeper Marcus Samuel decided to expand his London business. He sold antiques, but now added oriental shells. He aimed to

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1835 words - 8 pages , liquefying, and transporting and regasification of liquefied natural gas, and marketing of petro-chemical products to be used in industries and as fuels and lubricants. The company has a well dispersed international market, operating and managing projects in almost every continent. Competition CVX competes with several big oil corporations namely BP, Total, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, ENI, Occidental Petroleum, Repsol and Saudi

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9672 words - 39 pages multinational corporations: British Petroleum (BP), ExxonMobil, Total, Royal Dutch/Shell and ChevronTexaco. Together, these produce 15.6% of the total annual world petroleum output (OPEC, 2003). Three of these companies have headquarters in the EU and account for their profits in euro or pounds sterling and use financial instruments to hedge against exchange rate risk.5 The two American corporations also report some use of foreign currency

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1515 words - 7 pages it was found. It was drilled in the 1912. In the beginning, foundation of the petroleum made Venezuela became worlds 2nd producer of oil. The name of the firm that first producer in the Venezuela is Rockefeller’s Standard Oil and Royal Dutch Shell (RSORDS.) From 1920 to 1935, the share of the oil, in the total export, increased 1.9% to 91.2%. Affirmation of power over the industry by Venezuela in 1943-1974: in the 1943, the government confirmed

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