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Kiss, A Cutters Pint Of View

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KISSWhenever I'm upset or incapable of coping with a problem I'm having, I use writing as a canvas to draw how I am feeling. I think, why I resort mostly to that conclusion, is because neither paper, nor the pen can portray their opinions of my difficulties, they can neither mock nor judge me for my weaknesses. Through that technique I don't have to worry about losing control of what I might do or say, and also it allows for me to calm down, because I am letting out the things I wish to say, but am afraid to. Although, I'm not always quite sure why I hesitate to completely express how I feel, because I know that a lot of people, more so friends of mine share the same views of things as myself. I know that, because I've composed poems for peers, based solely on brief descriptions of how they felt, and it comes so naturally for me because most times, I know exactly what they mean. My newest poem kiss, for example, is one of my very favorites, because while writing it, I vented some of my own anger, as well as some of a friends. There is more depth to why I love it though. Perhaps because the task it holds, is such a common one for girls, teens, or maybe, it's because of the language, the metaphors, or even due to the type of poetry I conceived it in. All the reasons still, as much as they create a dark and mystifying story on their own, cannot reword why I place above all the others, my sonnet.Throughout fourteen lines, and one hundred and forty syllables, I described the actions, feelings and hopes of a friend very close to me. Terrible words descend the page, yet they agree with the thoughts of many adolescents. The "art" of cutting, is one used daily by so many, to dull pain, for attention, or even spitefully out of curiosity. It isn't right but it also isn't uncommon for people to retreat to this, and often it turns into a sort of twisted addiction, all in your head, but an addiction none the less. For some people the intense pain is the only thing that can bring them back into reality, for others it's merely a game, caused by depression, which you either win, or lose. Dangerous and harmful, but the risk masquerades itself in the pain, rejection and fear, that pools in the head of the participant. Most times all it really does it cause greater emotional damage and minor self-inflicted wounds. Usually it stays to just that, but other times it's aimed, and fired for more, and for those who don't target death, often it's just because they thankfully lack the will to do so. I personally feel sorry for the victims of this curse, because a person who can cause themselves pain (weather they believe it's good or not) is obviously confused or hurt, and I don't believe any one person should need to feel that way. Yet oddly enough, one of the reasons that I use this poem, my poem as my favorite is because this is a procedure, followed by various people, and although it seems I know a lot about it, I haven't yet begun to understand it.When I was searching...

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