Kiss Me Carol By Farrukh Dhondy And Drunkard Of The River By Michael Anthony

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However, in particular, Kiss Me Carol by Farrukh Dhondy, Drunkard Of
The River by Michael Anthony and The Exercise by …. have seemed to share
a very strong theme in the relationship between father and son

I will be going to compare and contrast the ways in which fathers,
sons and the relationship between them are presented in three of the
stories I have studied.

All of the stories I have read have had shared a common background in
one-way or another. However, in particular, Kiss Me Carol by Farrukh
Dhondy, Drunkard Of The River by Michael Anthony and The Exercise by
…. have seemed to share a very strong theme in the relationship
between father and son. The tension created in all three short stories
is quite breathtaking and done in different ways in which I will
explain and explore.

In the story by Farrukh Dhondy, we as the reader are given the
impression that Mr Mirah demands respect from his son Jolil. To
further prove this point, Jolil does not tell his father about the
letter in fear of his farther thinking it’s a complaint.

In contrast to this, from lines 1-12 we understand that Mr. Miah is a
very caring father in which he asks his son “what happened at school?”

Mr. Miah beliefs and attitude towards education is one that deserves
much respect from the reader. As well as being a very proud man “ I
send you to school, they turn you into beggar” clear as crystal for
the reader to see, Mr Miah finds it almost insulting that his son
should play the part of Tim in the school play.

Mr. Miah is also a religious man. “said his prayers after sunset”
“Allah (Arabic for god) gave you legs….. Playing beggars very bad” He
is also extremely hard working, ever trying to provide for his family.
“You say Thursday we bring Thursday” the author also presents Mr. Miah
as a traditional man “…wares traditional Bangle close”

On the other hand, Jolil’s feelings about his farther reveal

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