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The book Kissing Kate is about two best friends, Lissa and Kate, whose friendship gets ruined over a little kiss.The entire book is basically about Lissa trying to get her best friend back and trying to figure out what the feelings she has for Kate mean. In the beginning Lissa is just explaining how she and Kate meet and how she missed Kate so much. Then she talks about how at school they see each other but they ignore and it kills Lissa. She tries not to think about Kate but it is really hard so she is glad that the week is over because that means no more seeing Kate at school, no more reminders of that night that they kissed, and also she gets to go to work and gets to see her boss Darlin whose she’s real close with. At work Darlin tells Lissa that she hired someone new named Arial and that she should meet her when she gets back. When Lissa got back she figured out that Arial was really her old friend from grade school named Kimberly but she had changed her name. Lissa was not too happy to have Ariel working with her because Lissa thought she was really weird and annoying. Also work was a place where she could release her anger, not get angrier. Things did not get any better for Lissa, and to make it worse she had to go to work and see Arial again. At work Lissa found out that Darlin’s boyfriend broke up her so Arial decides to take Darlin to a singles meeting she invites Lissa and Lissa reluctantly agrees. The day they go to the singles meeting Lissa realizes that Arial isn’t at all that bad. The next day at school Lissa decides to sit with Arial and Arial’s friend Fin during lunch. Kate notices Lissa sitting with them, goes up to there table and tells Lissa that they need to talk so to please call her. Lissa never calls Kate she decided that if...

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