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One day, Jane walks into her local gas station after just pumping her gas. She is really craving some chocolate as she usually does. Jane walks over to the candy aisle and tries to make a decision. “Hmm, I really do love chocolate, but those skittles sound pretty appetizing,” Jane thinks to herself. Jane remembers back to this morning when she was watching T.V, and starts to sing the Kit Kat jingle in her head. “Gimme a break, gimme a break, gimme a break of that Kit Kat bar!” Just then, Jane grabs two Kit Kat bars to start her days, and pays for her stuff. Jane walks out to her car and takes a bite of her first Kit Kat as she drives away, nodding her head for success. Although everyone ...view middle of the document...

Although a photo booth is an interesting spot, it would make it more fun if they would have went several places around the carnival instead of doing it all in a photo booth. In the “Carnival” ad that is played today, they lost the catchy song that used to be played before with the Kit Kat commercial which make people stay watching. In the process of changing commercials, from 1990 to 2013, Kit Kat lost the biggest promotion, the catchy jingle that started it all; and also the peoples’ attention that it caught.

Throughout both of the Kit Kat commercials, they connect with different people by everything that is shown in the commercials. In the 1990 “Gimme a Break” ad, they use all kinds of people; from kids to adults, Caucasians to African-Americans. By using different races or ages of people, it helps people connect to it all over the world. When advertisements to broaden their people, it may tend to offend other people and causing problems, such as racist views. When the two commercials are compared, “Gimme a Break” and “Carnival”, viewers will realize that there is a big difference between the people who play parts in both ads. In the 2013 “Carnival” ad, it is easy to realize that the only people, who play a part in the ad, are Caucasian. Although they do have kids in the “Carnival” ad, they don’t have a variety of race which may cause a connection problem throughout the viewing of the ad. While the “Gimme a Break” ad has better connection to people, it also has a better theme that will catch the viewers’ attention.

While watching the two ads, viewers will see that they both vary in places, but the “Gimme a Break” ad has several more places that will make the viewer pay more attention to the commercial rather than if someone was watching the “Carnival” commercial. While watching the “Gimme a Break” commercial, it starts off on a bus and then switches to several different places including a lake and a baseball diamond. Throughout the “Gimme a Break” commercial, the camera never stays in one place long enough for a viewer to get bored from watching it. There is always movement to or from one spot to another. In the “Carnival” commercial, it takes place in the photo booth and the photo booth only. To make the “Carnival” commercial better, they should have moved around from place to place throughout the carnival instead of staying in one spot like they did with the photo booth. By moving from place to place in the commercials, it helps to keep the audience watching and amused at the same time. While playing the song during the “Gimme a Break” commercial, it makes the people really feel something instead of the feeling of them watching a typical commercial on T.V.

As a viewer sees the famous “Gimme a Break” Kit Kat commercial appear on the T.V, the...

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