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Amir’s belief of travelling to America has clouded his common sense and morals on how to act. He believes that by travelling to the land of freedom with his father he would be allowed to drop all his past responsibilities and guilt to start a new life with no strings attached. This is known as the American dream, many immigrants from several third world countries see America as a new beginning where they can leave their old homes and work in the ‘’new world’’. In which they can provide their families with better opportunities in life as they grow up.

In the novel kite runner, all of Amir’s actions in the present are based on the decisions he has made in the past. When Amir was living in Afghanistan he was the son of a noble family. Amir even had his own servant called Hassan; Hassan was not only Amir’s loyal servant but he was his best friend, this alone is one reason that Amir tries to forget his past. ...view middle of the document...

Up until that call Amir had always believed that traveling to the US would help him forget his past and start a new life with his family. This was because he believed that the guilt he had weighing on his conscience couldn’t get any worse than it already is. Amir has lied to himself that he has started a new chapter in his life, but later on in the novel he finds out that he was sorely wrong. Amir may be able to leave all his belongings and move into another country but he will never be able to leave the emotional baggage that took a toll on his mind.

The novel portrays America as a country that has the capability in discarding peoples past, which several families couldn't do in their own countries. This shows a contrast between life in America and life in low developed countries where many unfortunate people may live. In America a person has a lot more freedom to do what he or she desires. Whereas others might be living in a place where there is a restriction as to what a person can do freely. In this case the Taliban have stripped away life from the Afghans, have taken out the joy in kite flying, and have removed Afghanistan's national pride.

My family has also been through this type of scenario, my father who has four kids realized that living in the Middle East would not give us the best opportunities in life
. So being the caring father that he is, he sent us to Canada to study hard, to get into a good university and have us leaving with the satisfaction that we can have any job we want. This made me feel relatable to Hassan since me and him both have our own reasons of why we would want to leave our own country that hasn’t done anything for you and start a new chapter in our lives.

After reading the book and reflecting on my personal life, I believe that to have the life you dream of you have to go after it since it is not something that is given. However to be able to open a new page in your life, you have to let go of the sorrow but never forget how strong it made you. The good part is that we will always be able to appreciate this new life because we know how hard it took us to get there.

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