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Kiteboarding: Let The Wind Be The Guide

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Kiteboarding: Let the Wind be The Guide
If a person enjoys extreme water sports, then kiteboarding is definitely something you will love to experience. Kiteboarding is a mixture of some of the most popular water sports today. Kiteboarding includes extremely fast speeds, awesome tricks and carving turns from other board sports, and the extreme jumps that provide big air that are not like any other of the water sports today (Wies). Kiteboarding includes many steps in the learning process and many types of equipment that are essential to help avoid the risks of unwanted accidents.
Kites have existed for many years but multi-line kites were not even invented until around 1826. People use these multi-line kites for pulling just about anything from kite boards, surfboards, skateboards, roller skates, and skis. The biggest setback for kiteboarding was whenever the riders kite hit the water it would not relaunch because of the material used to make the kites would soak up the water and become too dense to fly through the air. Then Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux came up with the idea of an inflatable kite that would relaunch even when it was soaked in 1982. This helped to increase the popularity of the sport of kiteboarding which did not really emerge until the late 1990’s. Kiteboarding has many names and nicknames but the most common names are kiteboarding, kitesurfing, and fly kiting. The sport did not start to become popular until the 21st century. Ever since then the sport’s participants have increased rapidly throughout the years as it has evolved into the sport we all watch from the shore side. (Terry)
Unlike other sports, kiteboarding is not a sport where one can catch a ball, shot and score. If someone is serious about wanting to kiteboard they would have to either find an experienced person who knows how to kiteboard or they would need to actually go out and pay for lessons from a certified kiteboarding school to keep themselves and others from risk of injury (Wies). Most people would advise one to also get gear with more current safety features which can be the difference between life and death (Kites). Before jumping into the water with your brand new kite the inexperienced rider should practice with a trainer kite to help learn the basics of kite flying. A good way to become a proficient kite flyer is to practice with your trainer kite on land. It is a way to gain skill and learn the feel of the kite to gain control when the sports enthusiast’s firsts starts out in the water. The only way to become a proficient kiteboarder is to practice whenever and where ever you can (Kristen, Becoming a Kiteboarder). Kitesurfing could be practiced in many different locations like the ocean, a bay, or even large lakes and rivers (Wies). Before going out on the water and practicing some kiteboarders like to use a checklist. They do this so when they kiteboard they know they have everything ready to go out and have a fun time while...

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