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HISTORY OF KMART CORPORATIONSebastian Spering Kresge founded Kmart Corporation in 1899 under the name of S. S. Kresge in Detroit. By 1912, S. S. Kresge comprised of 85 stores with sales in excess of $10 million. Kresge stores appealed to shoppers by providing low prices, open displays and convenient locations. The stores were the largest retail stores for that period with store layouts between 7,000 and 19,000 square feet.Kresge was a retailing leader by locating in the first suburban shopping center in Kansas City in 1929 and launching a newspaper-advertising program in the early 1930?s. Print advertisements still dominate Kmart?s advertising with over 70 million circulars weekly inserted in more than 1,500 newspapers nationwide.In 1962, the company opened its first discount Kmart store in Michigan. By 1966 there were 162 Kmart stores in operation. The Kmart stores were larger comprising of 50,000 - 70,000 square feet per store. Kmart continued accelerated growth throughout the 1960?s and 1970?s and by 1977 comprised 95% of S. S. Kresge sales. The company was changed to the Kmart Corporation in 1977.This growth was achieved primarily through innovative private label development and expanded product mix. His introduction of the Jacqueline Smith line of women?s apparel increased customer traffic, which led to stronger same store sales growth. Other celebrity endorsements have since included Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland, Mario Andretti and Fuzzy Zoeller.Success at Kmart apparel was due largely to the merchandise selection that appealed to a larger customer base. The apparel merchandise mix was changed to appeal to the 25-45 year old customer, the budget conscious mom. By expanding the customer base, Kmart?s strategy was to retain the $25,000 family income customer and target the income level consumer up to $50,000 as well. In addition, Kmart apparel started carrying some of the more recognized mass merchandise brands such as Wrangler, Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom. Jaclyn Smith. Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland and other private labels were added later for the $25,000 - $50,000 income customer.When Mr. Joseph Antonini became Chief Executive Officer in 1987, he found Kmart facing a most challenging retail environment. During the past two years, a slow economy limited pricing flexibility. Although the United States market had seen a steady rise in retail sales during the previous decade, retail sales as a percent of disposable personal income was in a sharp decline.The most critical threat to Kmart was from competitors. Several competitors began to enter Kmart territories in the early 1980?s. The first was Wal-Mart, which was then a relatively small discount retailer from Arkansas, which provided customers the "Lowest Prices - Guaranteed". Over the past several years, Kmart had watched Wal-Mart?s rapid growth from a rural discount operation-serving Arkansas to a national player that threatened an increasing area of Kmart?s territory. In addition, Target...

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1525 words - 6 pages KMART CORPORATION - ANALYSIS ON THE EXTERNAL FACTORS AFFECTING THE FIRM'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND THE INTERNAL RESOURCES AND CAPABILITIES CRITICAL TO LONG-TERM SUCCESSINTRODUCTIONKmart Corporation is a discount retailer and general merchandise retailer based in Troy, Michigan. Ranked #36 in the Fortune 500, Kmart is the second largest of such retailer in the United States in terms of sales volume. In this extremely competitive arena of

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1708 words - 7 pages the New York Stock Exchange. Throughout the decades, Kresge rapidly expanded eventually opening the first Kmart store in 1962 in Garden City, Michigan. By 1966 there were more 160 Kmart stores in the US and Canada. In 1968 Kmart began airing TV commercials. In the 1970s, Kmart continued to expand opening 270 stores in 1976 alone. In 1977, S.S. Kresge changed its name to Kmart because 95% of its sales were coming from that branch. In the 1980s and

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817 words - 4 pages . Racing five cars down the straightaway side by side can be difficult. If one person loses control of his car, that individual can take out one or all of the others at the same time. The winner of that day has the bragging rights until the next day or until the next race day. This it what makes it fun to be at the Kmart parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays. There is a lot of trash talk that goes on during the whole day. We have had people run

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440 words - 2 pages Kmart, one of many discount chains had filed for bankruptcy. They have been known for their great value and convenience. With fierce competition form rivals such as Wal-Mart and Target, Kmart has seen its market share plummet. Wal-Marts and Targets are starting to grow larger and larger offering even more value and convenience that Kmart is unable to keep up and has suffered. They have relied on consistency and their operations to succeed in the

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637 words - 3 pages The strategic decision of Kmart lead by chairman and CEO Charles C. Conaway, is one of the strengths of Kmart corporation. Strategy-oriented decision problems address such questions as "How can Kmart respond to the challenges of the industry leader, Wal-Mart?" and "How can Kmart remain competitive in the retail market?"I honestly did not realize Kmart had any strengths at this point of the discount retail industry. The Kmart in my town, with a

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2119 words - 9 pages The primary Kmart store opened its doors on March 1, 1962, in Garden City, Michigan, which focused on selling a huge product selection at cut-rate prices. Throughout the first 30 years, Kmart was referred to as largest retailer store around, even surpassing its competitor Walmart. Kmart stores were designed to increase store sales by increasing the frequency of customer visits. For three decades Kmart looked like there was doing everything

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1428 words - 6 pages Executive SummaryStatement of the ProblemHow can Kmart Corporation remain competitive in the retail market?Objectives- To determine Kmart's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.- To identify Kmart's customers, suppliers, competitors, new competitors and substitutes.- To make a financial analysis on Kmart.Recommendations/ ImplementationsKmart's technology has improved over the years however the high quality of technology today could

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1923 words - 8 pages Pergunta 1: Avalie a Kmart usando o modelo da cadeia de valores e o modelo das forças competitivas. Qual era o modelo de negócio e a estratégia de negócio da Kmart?Resposta à pergunta 1:A cadeia de valores da Kmart tinha bastantes problemas. Os seus fornecedores persuadiam-nos a comprar os produtos que precisavam de escoar, em vez daqueles que a Kmart tinha mais sucesso nas vendas. Os merchandisers das lojas

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1511 words - 6 pages Kmart Past Struggles Management is a key to success, and Kmart needs proper management to help create a positive image that attracts more customers. Kmart’s disorderly management and bankruptcy caused many customers to shop with other retailers. According to Carr, Wal-Mart and Kmart were the same size in 1990. Since then, Kmart has grown far slower than its rival or the industry. Once one of the largest discount retailers, Kmart filed for


4289 words - 17 pages HISTORY OF KMART CORPORATIONSebastian Spering Kresge founded Kmart Corporation in 1899 under the name of S. S. Kresge in Detroit. By 1912, S. S. Kresge comprised of 85 stores with sales in excess of $10 million. Kresge stores appealed to shoppers by providing low prices, open displays and convenient locations. The stores were the largest retail stores for that period with store layouts between 7,000 and 19,000 square feet.Kresge was a retailing

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2722 words - 11 pages department store, which in most cases would be situated right next to the Kresge stores. In 1962, the first Kmart discount department store opened in Garden City, Michigan. An additional 17 stores opened the same year and the corporate sales were in excess of $480 million. That same year, the competitive landscape would change as a new store and future contender opened a new store called Walmart, founded by Sam Walton in Roger, Arkansas. The

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1696 words - 7 pages Kmart started off on the right foot back in 1899 and was a major player in supplying goods to the consumers from their small five and dime stores. From there they started to expand, they were a provider of low-cost merchandise but once the competition (Wal-Mart and Target) started opening they started loosing the fight. Since that time they have been through many changes and many hard times. By 1962 they started opening full line discount