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KMART CORPORATION - ANALYSIS ON THE EXTERNAL FACTORS AFFECTING THE FIRM'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND THE INTERNAL RESOURCES AND CAPABILITIES CRITICAL TO LONG-TERM SUCCESSINTRODUCTIONKmart Corporation is a discount retailer and general merchandise retailer based in Troy, Michigan. Ranked #36 in the Fortune 500, Kmart is the second largest of such retailer in the United States in terms of sales volume. In this extremely competitive arena of discount retailing, Kmart is constantly adapting its existing strategies to emerging threats and opportunities in response to the challenges in the industry. This essay will attempt to analyse the external factors affecting Kmart's competitive advantage in the industry using Porter's Five Forces Model for the period up until the end of the accounting period for the year 2000. This will be followed by an examination of how its internal resources are structured and utilised to address these competitive external factors.THE NATURE OF BUSINESSAn overview of the nature and conduct of Kmart's main businesses is essential at this point to understand its position in the industry. Kmart serves the domestic consumer market in the US (though used to be an international retailer) with four basic formats (in 1999): the traditional Kmart Discount Departmental stores (202 units), Big Kmart stores for general merchandise and convenience items (1,860 units), and Super Kmart centres for food and general merchandise (105 units) (Pearce and Robinson, 2003). Kmart stores are generally one-floor, freestanding units, ranging in size from 40,000 to 190,000 square feet. The customer base generally consists of low to mid-income families.EXTERNAL FACTOR ANALYSISIndustry Rivalry. Kmart faces an intense domestic rivalry. The main competition are from the following three companies. An industry competitive analysis follows the text:Wal-Mart Stores Inc. This current leader of the industry since 1991 till the present is principally engaged in the operation of mass merchandising stores. Wal-Mart operates 2373 discount stores, 1104 supercentres, 512 SAM's Clubs and 19 Neighbourhood Markets (Pearce and Robinson, 2003) apart from more than 1,000 international outlets (Conrad, Hansen and Hoffman, 2001). Wal-Mart is well known for lower prices. The firm found early strength in cultivating rural markets, merchandise restocking programs and the control of operations through companywide computer programs that linked cash registers to corporate headquarters. Being well in the lead among industry rivals for some time, Wal-Mart enjoys the benefits of economies of scale, loyal customers and to some extent geographical monopoly.Sears, Roebuck & Co. Sears operate 858 Full-Line stores, 267 Hardware stores, 738 Sears Dealer stores, 798 Auto Centres and 310 National Tire & Batter stores (Pearce and Robinson, 2003). The company operates a more diversified retailing business to include Home Services and Direct Response, domestic credit and...

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4265 words - 17 pages HISTORY OF KMART CORPORATIONSebastian Spering Kresge founded Kmart Corporation in 1899 under the name of S. S. Kresge in Detroit. By 1912, S. S. Kresge comprised of 85 stores with sales in excess of $10 million. Kresge stores appealed to shoppers by providing low prices, open displays and convenient locations. The stores were the largest retail stores for that period with store layouts between 7,000 and 19,000 square feet.Kresge was a retailing

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5929 words - 24 pages "A Closer Look at the Kmart Corporation and Retail Stores"Kmart is moving forward with the kind of determination that would have made S.S. Kresge proud. The Company currently employs more than 170,000 associates, a far cry from the staff of 18 first employed at Kresge's five and dime. Kmart has a good business plan, a strong core portfolio of stores, customer loyalty earned over many years, and the will to succeed. As Kmart continues to operate


4289 words - 17 pages HISTORY OF KMART CORPORATIONSebastian Spering Kresge founded Kmart Corporation in 1899 under the name of S. S. Kresge in Detroit. By 1912, S. S. Kresge comprised of 85 stores with sales in excess of $10 million. Kresge stores appealed to shoppers by providing low prices, open displays and convenient locations. The stores were the largest retail stores for that period with store layouts between 7,000 and 19,000 square feet.Kresge was a retailing

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3371 words - 13 pages Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland and Jaclyn Smith. Consequently, Kmart failed to create a coherent brand image ( In 2001 Kmart recorded its second loss for the quarter. From this point on Kmart’s stock price continued to decrease and its losses continued to rise. In January 2002 Kmart filed chapter 11 bankruptcy, but it was not beaten yet. In May of 2003 Kmart resurfaced as Kmart Holding Corporation (      But the new


5788 words - 23 pages will question, test, evaluate, and change when ever necessary. The company success must include profitable and growth. The new Kmart will no longer be focused on sales or sales growth as an end in itself. (Sears and Kmart's, 2005)Managing ChangeKmart Corporation introduced a knowledge management strategy in support of the implementation of enterprise portal software two years ago. At that time, the company needed a better process and system to

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1541 words - 6 pages business decisions must be approved by a bankruptcy court. Most business and corporations will choose chapter 11 bankruptcy over chapter 7, because under chapter 11 the business and corporation and restructure and remain open. In 2010 Blockbuster, one of the world’s biggest movie rental companies filed for bankruptcy. According to the article in Bloomberg magazine, Blockbuster faced major financial crises when the company listed assets

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2306 words - 9 pages runs throughout. These filings are the result of many unrelated factors. "Depending on the industry and nature of the corporation, you really are comparing apples and oranges," said James V. McTevia, chairman of McTevia and Associates. Enron's disaster was a financial debacle arising out of management's lack of control over the finances of the company. Kmart's bankruptcy filing was the result of a lack of and loss of consumer confidence. Kmart has

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787 words - 3 pages Target Corporation is performing spectacularly well. Recent reports have indicated spectacular figures and satisfying gross profits. It reported sales of $39.9 billion for the most recent fiscal year, mainly from its 1,100 Target stores, pushing it ahead of Kmart to make Target the nation's second biggest discounter ("Target"). Analysts are impressed with its earnings, which went up 36 percent, and up to $345 million, in the most recent quarter

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2087 words - 8 pages , and GrowthSam Walton led Walmart to become the top discount retailer. The mega corporation has eliminated top competitors such as Kmart and Sears to reign supreme over the discount retailing market. Following World War Two, discount retailing evolved due to frugality during the war. Walton opened the first Walmart in Rogers,Arkansas in 1962. The philosophy Walton acquired to start Walmart began with his earlier experience at JC Penny. The

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2014 words - 8 pages sells clothing, food, home furnishings, health and beauty aids, small appliances. It operates more than 850 stores in 41 states. Target is under the umbrella company that also owns Mervyns, Marshall Field's and Hudson.Kmart: The Kmart Corporation is a discount general merchandiser. It has over 2,100 discount stores in each of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. Kmart offers products ranging from clothing, houseware, and

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1060 words - 4 pages brought it close to bankruptcy. In the 1990’s, the company had to sell off its Sports Authority, Borders, Office Max and Builders Square chains. A decade later in the twentieth century Charles Conaway replaces Floyd Hall as chairman and CEO. About a year after the new chairman and CEO joins Kmart, the corporation bought Internet service and soon there after Kmart Corporation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to stiff

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1708 words - 7 pages emerge from bankruptcy and in 2005 they began selling off their stores to The Home Depot and Sears. The Home Depot bought more than 18 stores and Sears bought 45 for about $524 million. In that same year, Kmart Holding Corporation completed transactions to become a part of Sears, Roebuck and Company now known as Sears Holdings Corporation. Sears Holdings is listed on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol SHLD. As of 2004 Kmart had 1,422 discount