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They come in many forms, and each has their own desires, but they are all worshiped. They seek to be praised, to set examples, to make rules, to help, to be entertained, to be loved, to be feared, to kill, and to protect. Millions of people live everyday life in accordance with the divine whims of their god(s), whose existence can be neither substantiated nor invalidated. This legend of deity has laughed in the face of time itself, and consumed the lives of billions, but why do so many people believe it? This legend may be held so strongly because people are primed to accept is and it satisfies the needs of the community.
God(s), and surrounding religions, have been passed down from preceding generations and children were raised to believe in the deity of their ancestors. In his article in the L. A. Times, "Truth Is In The Ear Of The Beholder", Gregory Rodriguez suggests that "Rumors can only thrive in the minds of people who are predisposed to believe them." (p.347) Because many people are taught the existence of deities from the time they are children, they are may be more likely to believe this legend as an adult. Another reason people can be predisposed to believe something is if it correlates to their point of view or offers something they need. Rodriguez concurs when he says "rather than our opinions being forged by whatever information we have available, they tend to be constructed by our wants and needs." (p.347). Psychologist Robert H. Knapp's Hypothesis, that "Rumors express and gratify the needs of the community" (p.360), agrees with Rodriguez's statement. While these statements support the idea that this legend thrives because of predisposition and fulfillment of needs, those predispositions and needs can be further examined and hypothesized on.
There are quite a few ways that people may be primed to believe in god(s). One of these ways is that they may have been raised by parents who believed the legend and would have taught them to believe as well. By having these beliefs programmed into them, these people could be more likely to accept the legend of god(s) as fact. Human beings also have an inborn tendency understand and explain things that occur around them and the unanswerable questions...

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