Knights And Chivalry Essay

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Medieval times were the popular birthplace of heroic knights and fleeting art known as chivalry. If we close our eyes we can envision a knight, such as Sir Lancelot, dashing in on his white stallion, to the rescue of his damsel in distress. Our minds let us see the monstrous castle in the midst of a lush green countryside. We are swept to a far away time of gallantry and romance. We drift to a magical place of faith and love, courtesy and heroism as we imagine medieval knights and chivalry.To understand such romance, one must know the definition of chivalry and knighthood. "Chivalry comes from the French Chevalerie, from Chevalier or Knight (Law Latin Caballus for horse)." Chivalry is an honor code that pledges a knight to honor, respect and defend ladies. Chivalry goes hand in hand with virtue, courtesy, piety, and honor. "Knighthood comes from the English word knight, which means household retainer." Knights were not only dedicated to females, but had much faith and would defend and die for their birth land. Originally, knights were basically professional soldiers on horseback Knighthood emerged in the 11th century, the members being noble men of great land owning families. Anyone who could manage to obtain the training and equipment could enter the class of knighthood. Many could not uphold the position for the cost of upkeep of the horses and equipment was more than they could afford. Men who were not free to enter knighthood provided a portion of their crops and labor services. In the 12th century, chivalric codes were added to knighthood. Soldiers had to train and practice daily on self-defense and control of mind, body and speech. Chivalry added discipline to knighthood.A knight usually served an apprenticeship as a Page. Sometimes he would become a Page at the early age of eight years, and then was admitted to an honorable degree of military rank. At this stage, young boys spent much time with nurses and women. They were given ponies and learned that the horse was an indispensable part of his life and education. At the age of eleven, the boys were sent to join a household of a Lord to receive training in the way of courtly behavior, weapons, and managing care for horses. After the Page, the boy became a Squire, and was allowed to put on silver spurs. He then would be assigned to a Knight as his master. He would become a servant to the Knight. This was hard and thorough training and Squires won a great reputation. When the Squire reached the age of eighteen through twenty-one, he was allowed a new set of spurs this time they were golden, which represented the spurs of knighthood. A knighting ceremony would take place and the Squire would keep...


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1352 words - 6 pages Today when people hear, “chivalry,” the modern idea connected with the word is romance. Many would picture a man holding a door open for a woman, or think of the phrase, “Chivalry is dead!” In reality, chivalry was a more so of a code of conduct, and the concept of it only being tied to romance is actually a very small part of it. This conduct was a mix between where the individual’s social status was, how knights dealt with treaties, and the

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1735 words - 7 pages armed warriors who fought on horseback with lances and swords. Horse maintenance was expensive, and cavalry training was a long and difficult process. To make up for the expenses of cavalry training, the nobles started to grant land to their knights for the duration of their services. This land provided the necessary income to support the knight.Cline 2 Chivalry can be divided into three main viewpoints: the military, the social, and the


1874 words - 7 pages , can be described as “a form of behavior knights and nobles would have liked to imaged they followed, both based on and reflected in the epics and romances, a form of behavior which took armed and mounted combat as one of its key elements.” This definition opens many doors as to a true depiction of chivalry; however it is efficient at enabling discussion of chivalry from almost every medieval source. It is just as important to know what was

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1595 words - 6 pages When we think of the word "chivalry," we automatically visualize images of the mythical King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table and images of heavily armored knights rescuing damsels in distress. However, what most people often seem to overlook is that chivalry was a code of conduct specifically designed to accommodate the harsh lifestyle and hierarchical order of society during the Middle Ages. In the minds of medieval aristocrats

samurai and knights

729 words - 3 pages Code of Chivalry are both codes of honor in the medieval Japan and Europe. Both the samurai and knights pledged loyalty to feudal lords. In Bushido the samurai learns religion, loyalty, and discipline. In Chivalry, knights learn etiquette, loyalty, and mercy. Way back in the 1600s, the Code of Bushido was first developed. The Code of Chivalry was actually written 130 years earlier.To a knight, to dishonor knighthood is the greatest ignominy


1167 words - 5 pages Literally, chivalry means, “The sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms (Random). Chivalry is most known from the middle ages; the time of the knights and kings. There was even something known as the knight’s code of chivalry. All knights were to sympathize with the elderly and the orphans, never accept a reward, always fight to help others, always obey authority, protect their

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

3957 words - 16 pages into the legend many of their highest ideals-deeds of chivalry, courtly love, and the contribution of the Arthurian legends and romances to literature. Chivalry was a code of honor that developed for armed knights on horseback, the most powerful fighters in medieval warfare. The word is related to cavalry and to the French word chevalier, which means horseman, and gained its meaning during the Middle Ages (Evans 205). To the knight's basic role

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595 words - 2 pages knights struggle to be, practicing chivalrous qualities such as dedication, humility, and honesty. The true and complete knight is unknown. The Squire, on the other hand, is pretentious, shallow, and devious. This is a reflection of not only knights but of people from that time period.Chaucer was not merely comparing two knights and depicting virtues of chivalry, but in a grander sense was revealing the corruption of humanity by comparing the difference between the reality of the human race and the ideal of perfection.

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3365 words - 13 pages Chivalry Chivalry, as defined by Encyclopedia Americana is a system of values and ideals of conduct held by knights in medieval Europe. In its institutional form, chivalry was an informal, international order to which many, but not all, of the ruling class (nobility) belonged. The word is derived from the Latin caballus (horse) through the French chevalier (“horseman” or knight). Chivalry was born from Feudalism in the late middle ages

Code of Conduct

662 words - 3 pages to prevent the knights from committing the horrible crimes that many other soldiers unfortunately so often committed. It was brought into existence to make sure that the men who were sworn to protect the royalty would stay descent and honorable men. This code of chivalry was composed of three main ideas of how an honorable man should conduct himself. Knights were obligated by the code to be courageous, honorable, and polite to women. First

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625 words - 3 pages are familiar to everyone, King Arthur and the Round Table, Knights in Shining Armor, and not least, chivalry. Chivalric virtues were a crystal clear refinement of what it meant to be a fine human being, a person in search of justice and humility. These standards grew and changed over time, until the knight perished and the idea of chivalry changed into the ideal of a righteous "officer and gentleman." But the symbols of chivalry are powerful

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674 words - 3 pages KNIGHTS AND CHIVALRY Knights were a large part of the Middle Ages. A lot people think that knights are soldiers who were covered in metal, and fought dragons and evil people. Although they were warriors, or soldiers, knights never fought dragons. Knights fought for their king or lord because land was promised to them. To become a knight you had to be born a noble boy and start training at age seven. The boys didn't go to school because he was

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959 words - 4 pages A Knights Chivalry “An Analysis Of Chivalry” Chivalry, or the code of conduct that the Knights of out past used to justify their actions, towards country and state. It is greatly expressed in the stories that were passed down orally and written down, but these traits were many, including: Courage, Honor, and the treatment of women. These three traits are discussed wholly throughout the tales of King Arthur’s day, because like

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1011 words - 4 pages did not really exist, but the stories of gallant knights in shining armour, elegant women in medieval castles, and the heroic quests for the Holy Grail played a major role in developing and creating the brave courageous superheros that beacame throughout time. King Arthur along with the theme of chivalry greatly impacted not only western civilization, but all of society throughtout the centuries. King Arthur and his Knights of the round table

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1045 words - 5 pages pope, to get support from the lords and kings for the holy war. The pope helped the evolution of the code of chivalry by introducing the idea that knights are “Cristian Warriors”. One of the main parts of the code of chivalry is religion based and has to do with defending and honoring the church. Another part of the code of chivalry is protecting the weak and defending the honor of women. Also, the code of chivalry had an element of combat and