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Knights In Shining Armor Essay

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Sorely missed in today's world is the true chivalry shown by Knights around the fifth and sixth century. Imagine a society where men were brave, kind and loyal. In the literature we studied Knights were faithful to God, loyal to their king, and courageous in the face of an enemy. In the stories of King Arthur and the Round Table, the Knights exhibited these and many more qualities: bravery, courtesy, morality, and good manners. Medieval literature promotes the code of chivalry by representing positive examples in various works.
Knights have many different vows they must honor to have chivalry. Being faithful to God is a very important vow for Knights. In the story of “Lancelot and Elaine,” Elaine falls in love with Lancelot, who is already married, and tries to win him over. She is heartbroken and becomes very sick so she tells her father to find the holy man she can confess her sins to so she can die peacefully. A holy man is a priest that has divine spirit of the Holy Ghost or God. Elaine says, “For if I could believe the things you say I should but die the sooner; wherefore cease, Sweet father, and bid call the ghostly man Hither, and let me shrive me clean, and die” (Lancelot and Elaine page 521). Another way faithfulness to God is demonstrated is in the story of “The Sword and the Stone.” Arthur is told to go back to the inn they are staying at and get Sir Kay’s sword, but when Arthur goes back to the inn everyone has already left for the tournament so he is locked out. Arthur has one idea that he assumes will not work, but he thinks it is worth a try. He goes to a stone with a sword stuck in it that only a descendant of a previous king can pull out. Arthur prays to God to help him pull the sword out, and he tugged it out. Arthur later is pronounced the King. King Arthur is faithful to God by praying to him and asking God to bless him. In “The Tale of Sir Gareth” Sir Gareth is having a Pentecostal feast or the king and all his knights, but Sir Gareth and his knights are so sure that God would provide some unusual event to occur that they delayed settling down to the feast. “It happened one Pentecost when King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table had all assembled at the castle of Kynke Knadonne and were waiting, as was custumary, for some unusual event to occur before settlijg down to the feast” (The Tale of Sir Gareth page 482). God did provide this event with the arival of three men and a dwarf.
The knights character shows true loyalty to the king. An...

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