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Know The Online Gaming On A New View: Its Positive Effect For Society

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Because in todays life, people always feel tried and restrain, people find many ways to relax, gaming is one of the ways to do that, and it is the most popular one. And because of the internet’s founded, online gaming become the main stream of that. But then people find online gaming have some problem, so online gaming is really positive or negative for the world is the topic that this essay will show you. Now, an online game what is called the league of legends is so popular. Many young people like this game. But someone thinks that online gaming could only take the negative effect like internet addiction to the society, it should be limited by government, but for other people’s opinion, online gaming also have many positive effects for the society, and its good effect is more important than the bad side. Such as the increasing of the economical development, remitting the employment pressure, fostering people’s sense of duty and so on. Today, many people only know the malpractice of online gaming but do not evaluate it with a objective view. This essay will tell you how useful and positive the online gaming is.The first advantage of online gaming is that it could increase the economic development, now the all star game of online gaming is very popular(at least in China). That means as that goes by, games industries will develop so fast and bring a huge number of economic benefit. And the development of these compony could provide many job offers to remit the employment pressure. In some ways, for the long time online gaming could make the society more harmonious. Online gaming’s effects are not only for the economic, but also for the essence world. Today the most popular online game, no mater what type it is, it must has a equally platform for the players. It could promote the benign competition of our society, and when people take the conflictions in the real world , most of them could be sloved by the platform online, because in the online world, none care about how rich or who you are, you could only win by your own skill or technology, most players(especially the one who are not so successful in the real world) think that is a more ideal world than the cruel society. People have so many pressure that made by the real world, online gaming is a good way to vent and adjustment these, and by this way, the piece of the whole society could be ensured. Many people always say that online gaming is the reason of the high crime rate. It is wrong, or totally reverse, they say that because many offender always play online games, but it is only a little part of players, infect that because the online game could release the Potential crime, these people are the one who failed, so that can not be the fail of online gaming.
  As said before, the first view of me is that online game could help country to increase the developing of economic, it has a report and China is the example, Chinese had grow 21.4% bring inline games revenues to $5.8 billion in 2011....

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