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Know Your Baby And Their Needs

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Before a baby comes to family, parents feels excited and they start their shopping for the upcoming member. After the baby arrives in the family all the members start to learn the sign language of babies to talk with the newborn. Mostly the parents want to learn everything for being the perfect parent to their child. The following 12 tips will efficiently instruct the first-time moms and fathers to take care of their baby flawlessly.

Both babies and the new parents will be calm and happy with the below given 12 things. The baby needs illustrated one by one according to their significance according to the bay age.

1. Swaddling (First Month):
Swaddling is a good choice instead of a normal blanket as it could give the feel of secure and warm to your newborn. Actually this baby stuff provides the babies the same warmth and comfort as they felt in the mother’s womb. Baby with swaddling don’t disturbs the mom in sleeping during nights. It is very useful during the first month, especially in the first and second weak.

2. Baby carrier (Second Month):
Mostly newborns spend their first month on bed and then they moves out of the bedroom with their loved ones. The single moms need to perform their basic household activities and the front carriers (baby carrier) help them in taking their babies with them and walk perfectly.

3. Tummy time baby toys (Third Month):
SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can be avoided with back sleeping. So, making your babies interested in sleeping on their back you need tummy time toys. From the 3rd month onwards, babies start to rolling over and crawling by putting their belly on ground. Tummy time baby toys help the parents to observe their kids sleeping on their back for a good time in a day.
4. Mirror (Fourth Month):
Now your newborn feels more comfortable with other family members by gazing their faces. Actually in this age babies likes to gaze human faces and a mirror will introduce them with their own face. Through a mirror the kids start to play with their own image and show up different facial cues.
5. A break (Fifth Month):
Continuously playing with different baby toys for hours makes the babies hungry...

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