Knowing Macau With Butler's Life Cycle Model

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Knowing Macau with Butler's Life Cycle Model

The following literature is suggesting that how a tourist destination can be analyzed with the help of Butler's Tourism Life Cycle Model. Butler (1980) introduced the concept of the model which clarifies and extends earlier work by, for example, Cristaller (1963), Noronha (1976) and Stansfield (1978). In doing so, Butler clearly links the development cycle of tourism destinations to that of products in the product life cycle model. This is one the best used management framework to know the evolution in a tourism destination as described by Baum (1998), the original Butler's model included:
• Recognition of dynamism within the tourism environment — at the time of its inception, constant change was not as widely recognized in tourism as it is today;
• A focus on a common process of development within tourism destinations, permitting description and modeling.
• Recognition of capacity or limits to growth in destinations, again a relatively new concept in tourism at the time but one imported from growing thinking in this area in the recreation literature.
• Identification of triggers in the environment which bring about changes to a destination.
• Recognition of the management implications of the model and, in this sense, the practical links to the product life cycle are evident.
• An argument for the need to view tourism planning in its long-term context.
• A spatial component which argues that there would be a series of spatial shifts as development stagnated, and
• Universal application, namely that the model was essentially true for all tourist destinations (Butler, 1980: 4–5).
Tourism, in many developed countries, has reached a point of maturity where resorts which flourished during earlier phases of development require urgent and critical assessment as to their future role within the sector. This re-assessment is to imperative for destinations in the UK and the USA (Cooper, 1992), now tourists are looking for new destinations and do suffering from boredom by knowing and visiting those destinations which are standing from decades. Macau, it is a new name in world's recognized tourist destinations. As many tourists does not have any idea about this place ( and but rest knows this place as an Asia's Las Vegas. Macao is a tiny special administrative region (SAR), a former Portuguese colony, not far ago returned to China (in 1999) under 'one country two systems' model. In fact this tiny piece of land under Chinese rule has become more prosperous and capitalist than during the time when it formally was part of the 'West'. In the years to come Macao may attract even more foreign capitals and people, and may even outshine Las Vegas as world prime place for gambling. Despite what is developing as competition in other Asian countries, as far as Macao remains the only place in China where gambling is allowed, this tiny region can look to the future with optimism. (

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