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Knowing More About Immigration Essay

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Immigration has been around ever since people have chosen to move around to different lands other than their own to settle and live on. The United States is one big melting pot of immigrants; it is made up of immigrants from everywhere in the world: people from Ireland, Germany, China, and everywhere else. According to immigrants migrate because of “pull factors” which are reasons why people immigrate somewhere new. Some examples of pull factors are higher employment rates, more money, better help, better climate, the feeling of more security, and freedom (Migration). Lately immigration has become a big issue with the United States and many people have different opinions on the subject. Some of the issues have to do with jobs, taxes, and the economy and has made the topic of illegal immigration a big deal. Immigration has become an overwhelmingly heated debate in the United States because our country is involved and as a result, our people have many different outlooks on the matter. This is why it is imperative to be well educated on the issue of illegal immigration.
Becky Akers, a historian and freelance writer, believes that illegal immigration has a positive effect on the economy. Akers makes the argument that immigrants actually do not drain tax money and that they significantly improve the United States economy. In other words, Akers believes the economy strengthens by immigrants working here in America. As Akers further explains that they actually help the workforce, she states: “…falling wages raise profits. And higher profits are the soil from which better wedges grow” (25). Akers goes on explaining that as the workforce grows, more jobs are created, which then improves the economy. Akers believes that America has actually grown to be a bigger and better society with an improved economy. Akers goes on to say, “For proof, look around. The U.S. workforce has more than doubled since World War II, yet workers’ real total compensation (wages plus benefits) is higher now than ever” (25). This, in Akers’ opinion, is because the United States has developed from immigrants, coming to America. She feels that immigrants should always be allowed from other countries. In the end, Akers concludes that the economy is booming from the immigration and that immigrants should always be allowed to move to the United States, thus helping us achieve a more successful economy.
On the other side of the spectrum we have Art Thompson, The CEO of The John Birch Society (which is a conservative public policy organization), who believes that illegal immigrants have a negative effect on the economy. He emphasizes that illegal immigrants are stealing jobs instead of creating them for Americans. And that they also burdened taxpayers who somehow ended up funding social events for the illegal immigrant populations. Thompson also believes that subsidizing illegal immigrants...

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