Knowledge Based Expert System In Transportation Engineering And Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System

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Knowledge Based Expert System in Transportation Engineering and Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System
I. Abstract

Advances in computer technologies have been changing transportation field. Based on those, Intelligent Transportation System has been proposed and being developed for the next generation transportation system. This system requires more utilization of Artificial Intelligence, such as Knowledge Based Expert System, than current one. Although Knowledge Based Expert System has not been robustly studied in the field of transportation, it is suggested to be implemented in Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System as a part of Intelligent Transportation System. Therefore, it is fundamental to overview that what the current position of Knowledge Based Expert System in transportation is. It will help to construct a specialized knowledge on and understand that system in Transportation. Previous applications of Knowledge Based Expert System in transportation field are briefly reviewed, and potential implementations are discussed by focusing on Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System in this paper.

Key words: Knowledge Based Expert System, Intelligent Transportation System, Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System.
II. Introduction

Advances in computing have dramatically changed the transportation field in the last decades. These enhance the speed and credit of traffic analysis and allow transportation engineers to study various problems that would not be possibly answered without computer techniques, such as simulations. On the other hand, transportation system have been experienced congestion during its peak hours. To solve this, its facilities have been expended in order to increase their capacity by means of adding additional lanes on existing roadways and building new links between points where high traffic demand exits. Being experienced with negative environmental impacts and high land cost from those processes, transportation engineers noticed the need of new technologies to maintain transportation system to be enable to handle traffic without constructing new facilities.

Intelligent Transportation System(ITS) is an ongoing movement, which starts in the late 1980s, intending to maximize the utilities of transportation facilities. It is based upon the utilization of advanced computer technologies in communication between hardware control systems and in decision making processes on various tasks. Many advanced studies have been achieved under the name of ITS, and they include the application of Artificial Intelligence, such as Knowledge Based Expert System (KBES) which will be dealt with in this report.

KBES has implemented in limited fields of transportation; it is mainly used in pavement management system including road maintenance and road rehabilitation. Previous implementation of KBES in transportation field are briefly reviewed in the following section. In addition, potential applications of KBES are discussed by focusing...

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