Knowledge Is Nothing More Than The Systematic Organization Of Facts

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The Authenticity of Factual Knowledge
The prescribed title ‘‘Knowledge is nothing more than the systematic organization of facts.’’ is implying that knowledge is the process by which we acquire knowledge on a given topic, here, on the areas of knowledges mathematics and history. To know the facts we organize them in an orderly fashion. This claim raises the knowledge issue: To what extent is the organization of facts in mathematics and history part of the understanding of the knowledge they provide?

Argument 1 (mathematics)
Real life situation on mathematics: For me, as a student studying mathematics, there is a point where I cannot study the subject anymore as I understood the facts so well that they are clearly organized in my mind.
It’s especially the case as I feel that mathematics are understood after an organization of the facts. Once the facts are in my head, they are organized and understood. Yet, even if I understand them, there is a point where intuition falls in and I know more about said mathematical concept with the gut feeling, intuition, that I get as I progress through my problems. The organization of the facts is a major component of my knowledge in mathematics, but I want to say that being a knower of mathematics means that you have acquired the ability reason and feel the mathematics similarly to a sense. I believe mathematics is like cooking, one can know the different tastes of each of his ingredients for a recipe, but putting the ingredients together requires more than only having the tastes organized. It requires intuition and talent, that which is so hard to explain with words. This is true in other area of knowledge such as art, where knowing the colors is useful, but to paint you need talent and intuition.
So, there is more to organizing the facts, understanding math is more than a little organization of facts, it’s also an intuitive process that allows me to predict new problems and ways to see the mathematics. It is no different for any mathematical scientist. Indeed, I would argue that behind every existing theorem, there is more than an organization of fact. A man who created theorems knew more and felt that there was more truth behind his current existing knowledge. For instance, when invented new mathematical theorems such as solutions for Game theory he (NEED MLA SOURCES) knew more than only the existing facts. He inherently seeks out claims to organize in a systematic fashion. But, once his new claim is a theorem and is applied in the world of mathematics, that is, that it is organized as a fact, it becomes a fact which leads me to the starting point where knowledge is only an organization of facts. Thus, in mathematics, knowledge is indeed an organization of facts, but when finding new knowledge, one needs to either organize his knowledge in a different way or to fit his intuition, emotion and reasoning to find more knowledge.
Mini conclusion
So, yes, in mathematics, the...

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