Knowledge Management At The Bertelsmann Foundation

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Managing Knowledge:Introduction:Knowledge management is an audit of "intellectual assets" that highlights unique sources, critical functions and potential bottlenecks which hinder knowledge flows to the point of use. It protects intellectual assets from decay, seeks opportunities to enhance decisions, services and products through adding intelligence, increasing value and providing flexibility.The importance and significance of KM:Knowledge management complements and enhances other organizational initiatives such as total quality management (TQM), business process re-engineering (BPR) and organizational learning, providing a new and urgent focus to sustain competitive position. For a media and publishing company like Bertelsmann, its content matter in the form of book titles, authors, musicians, CDs, newspapers, magazines, club services, web pages etc. is extremely valuableAbout empolisThe Bertelsmann Foundation is a knowledge oriented intelligent organization which is prepared for the future. It has an integrated Knowledge Managementempolis GmbH, with its headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany, unites leading media service providers and software manufacturers within one group. The empolis division "Knowledge Management" offers knowledge-based Software solutions for company-wide knowledge management, in particular for the area of New Media/Internet and Industry/Intranet. The company has extensive expertise in developing and distributing intelligent electronic retrieval and consulting systems. The retrieval and online-assistance technology makes knowledge and know-how available exactly where it is the most efficient: at the direct interface between the company and the customer - on the Internet, in the Call Center or on CD-ROMBeing the largest publishing firm and the fourth largest media company in the world, Bertelsmann recognizes and places a lot of importance on its Knowledge Management Division. Apart from realizing the potential that its various segments hold in terms of KM. BCN also appeals for partnerships to roll out KM related products and services as joint or multi-ventures. Supported with a strong intranet and very advanced tools, the KM infrastructure of Bertelsmann is very efficient and very well linked internally.StrategiesThe BCN with its partnerships from Germany to NY, USA is very well strategized. Its power of fore planning and the ability to realize the potential of synergizing and identifying appropriate global partners is commendable and one of the key factors that attribute to its success stories.One of the strong points of the company...

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