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Knowledge Management In Healthcare Essay

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A health care system has two types of models in practice including; the traditional model and dispersed model. In particular, the traditional model employed in a health care setting involves primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care of patients. In that, a patient goes to primary care and receives treatment of the common problems diagnosed. The problems that go unsolved are referred to the secondary care, and the tertiary care is for those cases that require intensive care provision.
The knack to communicate ideas and information successfully is increasingly acknowledged as critical to the success of the health care system in general. For successful interactions between the health care providers and individuals but also in particular the health care providers themselves, effective communication is required.
This function ensures an organization maintain productivity and efficiency. The importance of inter-departmental communication enables the growth of trust, improves the quality of service to customers hence ascertaining repeat business. In addition, it boosts efficiency in attaining delivery projections, and departmental conflicts in an organization are minimized where there is ease in flow of information.
Therefore, this paper aims at describing a health organization and its ineffectiveness in departmental sharing of information. Also to be illustrated are the proper assimilation sequence of the knowledge management model tools in the organization so as to improve on the limitations and increase efficiency of operation within.
Extensively, the patient centered medical home and the Chronic Care Management are integrated in the acute care system and the hospital in regards to delivering chronic illness care. The current payment and delivery systems provide a wide range of tools in dealing with chronic disease’s problems. Equally, the current payment system favors the acute care platform and is the leading driver of costs in health care but minimal efforts have led to its strategic engagement in complex chronic illness management.
The presence of chronic illness management through the inclusion of acute setting and it is so because in ideal situations, chronic illness patients are usually admitted to the hospital. As the number of chronic conditions of a person increases also there will be increases in hospitalization for ambulatory care-sensitive conditions, rates of inpatient hospitalization, and hospitalizations that are linked with costly and avoidable complications
For the health care delivery system and the health of patients, hospitals need to be engaged with devised strategies that would assist them adopt new knowledge management models so as to minimize the inefficiencies created through limited information sharing. These barriers to the departmental information sharing are inclusive of;
Fragmented Communication
The particular transition time between care services can be of high risk specifically in the presence of...

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