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Knowledge Management In Organizations Essay

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The owners of any company always search for different methods to make their company and business profitable. Knowledge management is one of the aspects that are very important for the company and business. First of all, it is important to find out what really the knowledge management is. ‘’ There is much more to knowledge management than technology alone. Knowledge management is a business process.’’ (Sarvary, 1999, p.95). Nowadays in the companies, knowledge has become the most valuable property. In order to have better and more valuable knowledge, you should share it. Its success depends on how workers of the company interact (amount and quality). Implementation of KM will be successful if there will be less or no conflict in the company. It is better to have task based conflict, where knowledge is shared then personal conflict which reacts badly on company.
The value of KM is to make people work together, think together and control the business together, so it is highly people-based.Workers should share their knowledge with others and even create value added benefits to make it better. Knowledge management (KM) comprises a range of strategies and practices used in an organisation to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable adoption of insights and experiences. (Anon., 2013) KM is making world escape from industrial work and begins working with minds, so knowledge is becoming the key performance and its importance is increasing. Every job that people are doing, needs knowledge but they differ from each other. There are two types of workers: Knowledge workers and routine workers. Knowledge workers should focus on their knowledge based and theoretical job. Their intellectual and creativity level is high while routine workers are at low level, that is why they are called routine workers, they have their job plan and it must done. For the knowledge management every type of worker should have different skills, knowledge and different level of creativity. Workers also need to be communicative with others. If they communicate with other workers, they also share knowledge.
GSS- Global Software Solution is a medium-sized company which has been grown over 10 years and is very successful company with highly competitive market. The company’s start-up at the beginning was 5 staff but now it grew significantly. GSS has the main office in London UK and some other small offices in Edinburg, Singapore and Philadelphia. GSS Company is facing some problems that valuable knowledge is regularly being lost from the company. The reason for this as senior management team found out is their staff turnover. If we think about the implementing knowledge management and its goals, it can said that the main target is to find out the problems and the challenges in the company and after these processes the implementation of new strategies can be started. Every year 10-15% of software designers leave the company, so GSS has to recruit new workers. This is the...

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