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Knowledge Management In Sm Es Essay

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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENTInSMEsALI KOOHESTANI1041200899a.koohestani@gmail.comIN COLLABORATION WITHPROFFESOR A. SEETHARAMAHASSOCIATE DEANMBA CENTREMULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITYCYBERJAYA - MALAYSIAJanuary 2006ABSTRACTAs the new century is characterized by the era of knowledge and information, these terminologies affect each and every aspect of our daily life as individuals. Obviously the role of these concepts is stronger in business levels. So as to benefit from the implication of knowledge, first and foremost one should determine the various functions of it. Small-Medium size Enterprises, compose a large portion of today's businesses, thus, practical extension of such a concept to dipper stratums of SMEs is essential.This case considers the importance role of Knowledge Management (KM) in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and the appropriate KM techniques for such organizations. This study relates and analyses the conceptual approaches appropriate for knowledge management in the region of SMEs. In this regard, theory suggests that this is an important area of activity which should be considered. However, a dilemma exists, as there is no in-depth study on which to base this research. Given this lack of existence, it is inescapable to look at antecedents to identify areas of appropriateness for the chosen context.INTRODUCTIONToday, Knowledge has become one of the most critical driving forces for business success. Organizations are becoming more knowledge concentrated, hiring "minds" more than "hands", and the need for leveraging the value of knowledge to a large extent is increasing. As a result, knowledge has been treated systematically much like other tangible resources and many organizations are exploring the field of knowledge management (KM) so as to improve and sustain their competitiveness. In this regard, organizations need to be aware of the factors that will affect and drive the success of a KM initiative. Most of the studies have not considered the differences of company size as well as the specific features of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that could affect KM. However, the concern is no longer only the large enterprises as it has now become a widely spread business discipline. Asserted by Frey (2001), although major corporations have led the way in introducing and implementing KM, it is progressively more important for small businesses to manage their collective brains. "Knowledge management [KM] has become the latest strategy in increasing organizational competitiveness." (De Tienne & Jackson, 2001 p1). Today, knowledge is the primary source of competitive advantage and the key to success for organizations in the knowledge economy (Grant, 2002, MacKinnon et al, 2002, Patriotta, 2003). Unlike other resources the more knowledge is used the greater its value. Its greatest value is leveraged when it is encoded making it easy to access and use. This encoding process has created a paradox of value (Bosoit, 2002) as it allows easy access...

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