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Knowledge Transfer Factors Essay

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Ethical Considerations (Approx 1000 words)
All research raises ethical issues. This is the case throughout the research not simply in the early stages. After completing the ethics form attached please outline below in what ways your research raises ethical issues and how you plan to address these.
Ethical issues
A number of ethical issues emerge prior, during, and post the research process. During the course of the research study, researchers are expected to address any ethical matters effectively and systematically once they appear. Ethical issues that may affect qualitative research can be categorized into three: prior data collection, during data collection, and post data collection.
Prior Data Collection
The researcher must seek the concerned department’s approval by submitting a formal research request. The concerned department will assign a coordinator who will act as a ‘liaison’ between the researcher and the research ...view middle of the document...

This consent form details the overall nature and goal of the research project. It informs the participants of their role and contribution to the research study. The department coordinator must confirm that the respondents clearly understand the main objectives, purpose, and methods that will be used in the research. At the initial stage of the study, the participants should be familiar with their responsibilities and understand that they have the right to choose whether to participate or not in the research. Individuals should not be coerced by their supervisors, coordinator, or peers to participate in the research.
The informed consent signed by the respondents helps protect their anonymity, confidentiality, confirms discretion, and verifies their commitment to the research. However, maintaining the confidentiality of the participants’ information might raise some ethical considerations. Baez (2002) noted that complying with the informed consent policy can be ethically challenging, in which assuring confidentiality of the participants’ personal opinion during the interview ensures sincere open data, whilst confidentiality also precludes the researcher from communicating any perceived problems within the organization. The researcher needs to share the research summary with the department supervisor in order to address any specific issues and improve the overall work operation, which is one of the research’s main objectives. For the purpose of the research, the researcher is obligated to clarify to the each participant that the research summary will only be communicated with the department supervisor and their identity will remain anonymous. However, the exact course of the interview process cannot be predicted, in which some participants might decide to disclose their identities. Patton (2002) claims that respondents are currently challenging their right to confidentiality, in which they believe that participating in a research study is an opportunity to convey their stories, express their opinion, and possibly become a contributor to a positive social alteration and change. In this case, the researcher is required to be alert to any unanticipated changes that might arise in the research process.

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