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Knowledge Vs Information Essay

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Essentially having a rigorous class schedule while being in a sport and doing community service demands a great deal of time spent. Having to manage all three while having to maintain the highest grade point average at times leads to doing things the effortless way instead of the strenuous way. We are all victims of passing an exam due to cramming the night before. However, being victims each and everyone of us know we should have taken the extra time and given up sacrifices to studying instead of cram as we really don’t understand the subject being examined instead we base ourselves on memorization. There is a prodigious unorthodoxness among knowledge and information when it comes to ...view middle of the document...

Everything we study connects to one another as reasoning develops into knowledge. By not understanding the subject in your exam and simply knowing the information is in greater sense meaning you don’t understand the concept but barely pass your exam due to lack work Even though I am contented to know I passed I would be even happier to know I got what I deserved based on the knowledge I acquired.
On the other hand information is knowledge gained through study, communication, research, and instruction. Information is set to be facts provided or learned through something or someone as it can either be factual or it could be false. The difference among knowledge and information is information is processed data whereas knowledge is information that is utilized to be useful. Although you need information to get knowledge, information does not require cognitive ability. Knowledge does require cognitive ability in order to acquire analytical thinking. Hence foreword when you cram the night before a test, you feel like you don’t understand the subject due to processing the data you memorized.
Through observation I am not the only one victimized of cramming the night before. I have seen a vast majority of students coming to school in the morning with hardly any sleep due to either procrastination or work load piling up in them. Cramming the night before an exam works for some people but for several people that I have seen go through it I have observed they do fairly well on their exam however when the semester exam comes and it builds up from previous exams they come to their realization the knowledge they were required to know about the material no longer is there. The information they gained through study, communication, research, and instruction that did not require cognitive ability has defeated them. Whereas the students who took the time to study putting in sacrifices from day one have the knowledge to explain with reasoning why, how, when, and, were the answer to their exam is with conclusive reasoning are the ones proving to not only themselves but the teacher their final exam reflects how much they paid attention as their hard work paid off. I have observed final grades drop from either a small percentage or a much larger percentage due to the final exam. My classmates know were they went wrong and it was the poor choice they made to cram the night before.
Through reading the article “There's no point cramming! Sacrificing sleep to study 'will make you much worse at exams and homework' say researchers” by Eddie Wrenn he asserts cramming the night before an exam is not beneficial but in the contrary this “negative dynamic becomes more and more prevalent over time” as sacrificing sleep to cram for an exam is counter productive. The article states you should study for an exam using knowledge by “ using school time as efficiently as...

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