Reasons For The Popularity Of Lb Os During The 1980s.

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1.INTRODUCTIONThe leveraged buyout phenomenon has been subject of many studies by a number of financial theorists, which have attempted to give an explanation of this trend during the 1980s, evaluating historic and financial aspects of that époque and previous.In this essay, we will see at those different panoramas and aspects that took companies to accomplish a wave of corporate restructuring during the 1980s and why these factors enhanced the use of Leveraged Buyouts. In addition will se the diverse features companies must have in order to be a leveraged buyout target and the consequences after the buyout is accomplish in order to reach a better level of efficiency with and obvious benefit in capital gain for its investors.2.THE BOOM IN LEVERAGED BUYOUTS (LBOs) DURING 80s2.1WHAT IS A LBOThe leveraged buyout is a form of corporate restructuring which had its most important period during the 1980s. The essential characteristic of LBOs is the high level of debt is incurred in order to unify and reduce the ownership to achieve a superior point of efficiency and profits maximization. This dramatic increase in debt ratios, according to Hite & Owers (1996), can go from 1 to 10.A LBO according to Brealey & Myers (2003) varies in two main ways from the normal acquisition process. First, the purchase of the stock is debt financed or at least a substantial portion, some often the debt used in this type of restructuring is debt below investment grade or also denominate Junk Bonds. Second, the LBO goes private and its shares do not trade longer on the open market.This reduction and unification in ownership, brings itself a number of repercussions in the managerial level and the company's structure.2.2HISTORICAL, ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL FACTORSAccording to Weston & Johnson (2001), the leveraged activity can be divided in three important periods, the 1980s, the early 1990s and the post-1992. The leveraged activity comes from not just the 1980s decade, but from previously period of highly leveraged transactions during the 1970s.The economy's health and expansion during the 1980s until 1992, was a key factor of the increase in Merger and Acquisition transaction. According to Weston & Johnson (2001), previous boosts had followed similar patters of economy welfare in restructuring activity. M&A and divestiture transactions had its highest activity during 1986; meanwhile 1988 was the top for LBOs transactions.One economic factor involved in this LBOs wave, was the constant increase in inflation during the late 1960s to 1982. This factor causes a drop in the q-ratio levels from 1.3 in 1965 to 0.58 in 1982. This ratio measures the market value of a firm to the replacement cost of its assets (Weston & Johnson 2001). Therefore during 1981, is given the opportunity to buy cheaper capacity in the financial market rather than in the real assets market because of the q-ratio. Therefore, the value of a company in the financial markets would...

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