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Bryant, Kobe, born in 1978, American basketball player who became the youngest National Basketball Association (NBA) player in history in 1996. He entered the NBA straight from high school at the age of 18. The 6-ft 7-in (201-cm) shooting guard soon became a star and helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers to league titles in 2000, 2001, and 2002.Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of former NBA player Joe "Jelly Bean" Bryant. His parents took the name Kobe from a local steakhouse. When Kobe was six years old his family moved to Italy. For the next eight years Kobe learned to speak fluent Italian and played basketball, often competing against his father and other players in the Italian pro leagues. During this period the younger Bryant watched videotapes of NBA games, especially of Los Angeles Lakers guard Magic Johnson, his favorite player.The Bryant family moved back to the United States in 1991 and Kobe attended Lower Merion High School in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania. He became a basketball star, averaging 30.8 points and 12 rebounds per game in his senior year and leading the school to the 1996 state title. Recruited by every top college program in the country, Bryant decided to enter the NBA draft instead, where he was selected 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets. The Lakers badly wanted Bryant, however, and quickly traded center Vlade Divac to the Hornets for the young guard.When the 18-year-old Bryant debuted for Los Angeles in November 1996 he became the...

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Professional Athletes as Role Models. Essay

845 words - 3 pages happens if the athlete does something wrong and gets away with it? Younger fans think that they can do the same things and get away with it. A current event regarding this issue would be one involving basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant. Bryant is accused of raping a young woman the night before he went in for knee surgery. Kobe's fans see this and either lose him as a role model, trust in him that he did not do it, or see it and think that it's

Testimonial Evidence in Major League Athletes

1186 words - 5 pages case of Kobe Bryant, the accuser gave false testimonial evidence against Bryant. The finding and use of physical evidence that contradicted the accusers initial testimony made the young woman unwilling to testify in the trial. This trial upheld Mason et al. (2005) belief that physical evidence is a more reliable source of information because testimonies are subjective to the witness or victim. Examples of testimonial evidence in major league

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631 words - 3 pages can be seen as an even trade. Each team gets the other guy's poster boy.But, it was not a trade of superstars. It was a trade of one certified superstar, Steve Francis, who stands statistically to be better than Kobe Bryant (a well known hero in the sport), for a glorified role player who shoots way too much and hates to pass the ball. For example, the ex-Houston Rockets Steve Francis who was traded to the Orlando Magics has traits that separate

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813 words - 3 pages clouded by their success. In all, success is a positive characteristic, but success can also lead to personal disaster.Becoming unimaginably powerful sets people up for a bigger fall towards disaster. You can be the biggest sports star, but when you make even a tiny mistake, you can end up destroying your career and life. Take Kobe Bryant and his court case as an example: Kobe is one of the biggest sports stars and an upcoming legend in the sport

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1308 words - 5 pages that I observed was Matt Barnes from the Orlando Magic. Matt Barnes is a small forward/shooting guard of the Orlando Magic and he is known for his defensive capabilities. His job for this game was to guard Kobe Bryant and make him work for his points. During the game what caught my eye was Matt Barnes continuous clapping throughout the game, him screaming/yelling out loud and at other players on the court and on the bench. Him hustling all over the

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1469 words - 6 pages protection in the society and especially in the court system. Such rights and protection include voting and the statue of rape shield and etc. For example, In the case of Kobe Bryant, if this incident were happened in the 1920s and 1930, when women were considered being as a property of man, this case most likely would not be reported to authorities and even prosecuted. For many years most rape victims and crimes are not

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1218 words - 5 pages When people think of the names Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, and Oscar de la Hoya they think “superstar”, “professional athlete”, and “wealthy”. Some even think “overpaid” while others believe that they deserve every penny they earn. In 2010 NBA player Kobe Bryant signed a three-year $90 million extension with the Los Angeles Lakers (Source 2).Which equals $30 million per year. In 2009 Kobe Bryant’s contract was worth $25 million a

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630 words - 3 pages years of age compete with the young talent the NBA offers such as Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. These two players are among the many who are redefining the game of basketball, with their athleticism and flashy highflying styles of play. Keeping up with these high flyers would have been a challenge for Michael Jordan in his prime, now at age thirty eight he will have to rely on his experience and be a more crafty player to be affective. "Am I

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596 words - 2 pages language advances, giving us access to a larger world. Even as adults, the boundaries can still be expanded, through learning foreign languages or studying subjects in detail. In adding further to knowledge and vocabulary we can learn to understand the power of the word. Through language we can evoke feeling in the listener. In the Kobe Bryant trial the prosecutor was ordered not to use the word victim in reference to the plaintiff. The judge said

Good Management Is Crucial If A Company Wants to Be Successful

506 words - 2 pages its employees (those who get fired) will spread the word around to their friends and families to not buy from Sprint.I feel that if the managers of the Sprint company had a better relationship with their employees, there would be no problems with poor customer service. Just like Kobe Bryant who uses the assistance of a "coach" (Phil Jackson) to improve his game, the employee needs a "career coach." The manager must use a variety of familiar

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895 words - 4 pages . This case was publicized way too much on national television. Just like the rape case for the Kobe Bryant trial, there was way too much media involvement, resulting in the leak of the victim’s name which started the case to downhill from there. If the media was not heavily involved which led to the victim being pressured by scrutiny and threats, Kobe Bryant probably would have been convicted of rape with the victim being a witness on the

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Kobe Bryant Essay

1468 words - 6 pages “The Tainted Record” He has it all: the fame, the fortune, and the fans. Kobe Bryant has anything and everything any living person could want, and as a former NBA champion, he even has arguably more athleticism than most people out there. However, even through his NBA championships and his MVP awards, many people tend to look at Kobe in a very negative way; almost look down on the star for one single occurrence. This may seem harsh, but

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858 words - 3 pages Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant has had plenty to smile about. In 1996, he was drafted right out of high school becoming the youngest player to play in an NBA game. Bryant went on to prove himself on the court both offensively and defensively. In his game against the Minnesota Timberwolves he suffered a knee injury causing him to have surgery. After his arthroscopic surgery on June 30, 2003, he sought medical treatment at The Cordillera Lodge and

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1439 words - 6 pages Kobe Bryant has been in the spotlight for many weeks now with controversy dealing with being charged with sexual assault and false imprisonment. These charges also raise questions about Bryant's endorsement deals, and whether or not he would be in breach of contract. The following states a summary of the case against Kobe Bryant as well as a legal analysis of the case.Summary of the Kobe Bryant CaseThe Facts- On June 30, 2003, without informing

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798 words - 3 pages to reach their status, or are they people who have a God-given talent that they take for granted? It seems that there are plenty of examples that would fall under that last category. Some that come to mind include NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, NFL hero O. J. Simpson, and the Atlanta Falcons’ star quarterback, Michael Vick.The arrest of Kobe Bryant is one that certainly comes to mind. The indictment claimed that Bryant raped an employee of a