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Kodak And Fujifilm: Giants In The Photography Business

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Kodak and Fujifilm
Nature of the Organizations
The history of Eastman Kodak begins George Eastman wanted to simplify photography, so that everyone can enjoy capturing special moments and just want to limit this craft to trained professionals. George Eastman started on this quest in 1878; he was one of the first to demonstrate the convenience of dry plates. With dry plates, photographers would be able to expose and develop pictures when they wanted or needed to, which made it more convenient, dry plates, then went into mass production the following year in 1879 (Kodak n.d.) From there George Eastman continued to find ways to get photography into the hand of the people. After his demonstration of dry plates he then went on to invent the first roll holder for negative film and in1885 he invented the first transparent photographic film known as “roll film” that we know today. After this invention in 1888 Eastman Company changed its name to Kodak and produced a camera that can be used by everyone, but it wasn’t until 1900 when he introduced the first of the famous Brownie Camera’s that made it financially affordable for virtually everyone (Kodak n.d.). George Eastman didn’t stop there with his team of inventors they continued to fabricate and produce merchandise that we still practice today.
The core business of Eastman Kodak was built on four basic principles starting with extensive advertising, ex. Its motto “you press the button – we manage the respite” (Kodak n.d.). Next, he focused on the consumer ex. In 1895 the pocket camera was introduced it used roll film and a small window to show how many pictures were taken not to mention Kodak’s quality which got people hooked on paying to have their photos developed. Besides, he considered in mass production and low price. Lastly, international distribution with these principles Kodak had become a household brand George Eastman believed that development can only be accomplished through continuous improvements in research and development. These schemes and business core values made Kodak one of the most successful companies of its time with almost no competition until Fujifilm entered the marketplace.
The history of Fujifilm begins in January 1934 as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. The company was created with the purpose of making a domestic photographic film manufacturing industry. But the industry struggled and with that they inherited the film operations of the Dainipon Cellouloid Company Limited, which was a split off from the troubled photographic division. With that Fujifilm became Japan’s first cinematic film manufactures (Fujifilm n.d.). By February 1934 Fuji began to operate producing dry plates, photographic film, print paper, and other photo materials. However Fujifilm still manage to struggle for the next three years due to poor quality and high prices. Fuji realized that they couldn’t fully expand until they address the issue of producing quality products they started to address this...

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