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Konglish : Ways that Korean English Speakers have changed EnglishI think the term 'Konglish' is not unfamiliar even to those who are not Korean English speakers because it seems to have been a particular term to designate a kind of language for a considerable period or time. However, despite of the familiarity of the term itself, native speakers of English mostly do not understand the Konglish expressions appropriately, and so it will be meaningful to look at the ways that Korean people have changed English since it will provide us self-awakening in order not to abuse English or to prevent a deluge of the Konglish as much as we can.Based on the above rationale, therefore, this paper is aimed to examine different kinds of Konglish at the level of a word and to analyze the ways that Korean English Speakers have changed English as well.To the best of my knowledge, in general, we call Konglish for the English words or expressions which have been applied Korean standard for the sake of convenience by Korean English speakers. I couldn't realize that there are so many Konglish words or expressions until I tried to collect the examples this time. In addition to the large number of the cases, there appears to be some patterns or ways that Korean people have changed English. And so from now on, I will describe those patterns or ways based on my own analysis.First of all, I'd like to start my discussion by taking an example of Konglish word that has been widespread recently in Korea. That is a 'hand phone' that refers to a 'cellular phone' or a 'mobile phone' in English. Considering the organization of the two words 'cellular' and 'phone', the expression, 'hand phone' does not have any similar ground to combine the two words, 'hand' and 'phone.' Although Korean people are persistent to use this word as it is, we'd better say a 'handy phone' not a 'hand phone' after implementing the minimum degree of English grammar. As a matter of fact, I was one of the people who are reluctant to use the word 'hand phone' when I was in Korea and so I used to encourage others to name it as a 'cellular phone'. But, whenever I did that, I was just treated as a person who likes to swagger.Figuring out the possible reason that Korean speakers use the word 'hand phone' for a cellular phone is not a big deal to me. People can carry a cellular phone in their hands and so maybe someone might have named it as a 'hand phone' simply. Once this kind of simple and easy name had been denominated, who were willing to pronounce such a complicated and technical term for that?Adding to this, I found more examples that have the same way of coinage. 'Eye shopping', 'back mirror', and 'back number' are those. A lot of Koreans use the word, 'eye-shopping' instead of 'window shopping' when they are just looking at something not buying in the shopping mall. Also, in Korea, I hardly found a person who designates the mirror for the rear view in a car as a 'rear-view mirror'. They just call it a...

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