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Taking A Closer Look At The Korean War

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On June 25, 1950, the Korean War started from the communist country of North Korea sending 75,000 soldiers from the Korean army into South Korea across the 38th Parallel which was set to act as a boundary between the north and south countries ( This invasion was the first act of war of the Cold War and then in July, the American forces had joined the fight. This was a war that would soon lead to over 5 million deaths of soldiers and civilians on both sides. Besides the American soldiers who were fighting on the ground, there was also another large helping force of the US navy that was used for several different roles during the war ( The Korean War was started by the North Korean Army invading South Korea. The US military in the month of July, joined the fight with help from the Navy and their Specially trained soldiers and sailors on board the U.S.S. Coral Sea and other ships.

The training for the US Navy had progressed since the Korean War. For being enlisted as a Navy recruit was not the hardest training in the military, but it was the essential training to get to have an effective crew to run the ship. The training would vary from the specific role in the navy that you would become. The training for the more special forces roles would be more extreme due to the situations they are put into that require them to be able to put themselves into situations that are so physically demanding that only the select few would be able to get through. The Navy Seals have the hardest training in all of the US military to prepare them for their field of combat ( Edward was not a Navy Seal, EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal), or any other group of special forces, but his role along with all of the other sailors was important. He was a First Class Seamen and he was responsible for the firing and maintenance of the cannons on the ship. The ship was not only to carry aircraft, but it was also armed with large cannons for whenever needed.(Czerwinski)

The U.S.S. Coral Sea had a large upper deck that was used for the carrying of nearly 100 aircraft vessels.(Czerwinski) The aircraft mainly consist of fighter jets, bombers, and sometimes helicopters that were used to bring men on board or remove them for whatever purpose. Since a majority of the deck is occupied by the remaining aircraft, they have a machine that is set up the grab one of the tires of the jet and gives it a very powerful boost to get it in the air. Before WW2, the instructors would teach the airman to take off in under 60 feet with the B-50 bombers, which was not always successful. After so many jets had gone into the water, they went and installed these boosters on all aircraft carriers. Besides the main purpose of carrying aircraft, aircraft carriers could also shoot large 105 mm cannon that were controlled by gunners assistants like Edward. Those cannons were able to shoot accurately over 11,000 yards to either shoot down enemy...

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