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The Korowai tribe lives in one of the most remote corners of west Papau Indonesia away from western civilisation. The tribe had lived in complete isolation until the 1970s where Dutch missionaries sought out the tribe. This presentation will explore and come to terms with the lifestyles lived by the tribe and how the group identifies itself as.
Family - Families consisted of the man and his wife/wives and their unmarried children. Due to illnesses and lack of modern medicines, most families don’t have any elderly living with them as the Korowai people have short life spans. The Korowai traditions allowed for family marriages to be polygynous (having more than one wife at one time) or exogamous. (marriage outside a specific tribe or similar social unit.) Once the female goes through her first menstruation cycle, she can be married off. Married women are expected live per the husband’s expectations. In many cultures, the marrying of children is unacceptable, However the Kolufo people believe that this is just an act of strengthening ties with the other clans in the Korowai. After marriage, the girl is regarded as women and must take on all the responsibilities of an adult.
Gender- The Korowai tribe has clear set gender roles that the children of the tribe would’ve learned early on. Men and women aren’t regarded as equal and the society of the tribe is patriarchal. Sexism exists in this tribe as the women have fewer rights than the men . Despite this, the women in the tribe aren’t perturbed as there are not many gender-specific activities that are participated. Daily routine- The men perform tasks that are strenuous, ranging from the handling of interconnecting relationships to pig sacrifices. The woman’s role would mainly be to take care of the children and domesticated animals. The women would also take on tasks like gardening and the collecting of food. Customs and rules would be taught to the children by the women in the family. At a young age, the young boy must undergo the learning of everything to know about the male role in the tribe 
Dress code- The Korowai clan has a traditional dress code identified as unique. The men in this tribe go around naked wearing extensive hornbill peaks around their genitals....

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