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Korowai Tribe From New Guinea Essay

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Korowai People
There is a diversity of tribes that the human society was once uninformed of its existence. Until the 1970, mankind was unaware of the Korowai society existence. The Korowai also known as Kolufu are from the southwestern part of the western part of New Guinea. The Korowai tribe follows a common language, economic system, and an exceptional lifestyle. They practice ritual cannibalism and have incredible architecture knowledge. In the verge of extinction the Korowai continue to practice their unique culture which makes them different from other societies.
The Korowai people speak the Papuan language belonging to the Awyu-Ndumut family. The Papuan language comes from the Awyu-Ndumut languages which are spoken in the Digul River Basin of Papua, Indonesia, in central and south New Guinea. The Awyu-Ndumut languages are divided into six languages, one of the six languages spoken is the Papua Language. Approximately 35,000 individuals of the Lowland area speak the Awyu-Ndumut languages. Only about hundreds to thousands of individuals speak the Papua language. The Papua language is rapidly on the verge of extinction by the influence of other languages.
The Korowai are one of the most endangered tribes in the world. Their traditional culture was developed thousands of years ago. They live in small family clans and are hunter-gatherers and live in a horticultural society. The natural resources have allowed them to survive in the harsh rainforest which they depend for living. As population grows in society more and more people are using the earth’s natural resources. Trees are being cut down for extraction of minerals and energy. Lands are being used to create industrialize factories. The Korowai territory is surrounded by missionary communities, who have influentially destroyed their unique culture and their Korowai identity.
The korowai have one the most magnificent architectural tree houses. Over 115 feet above the ground, tree houses protect the clan from the swarming mosquitos, evil spirits, and protection from flood-water levels. The tree houses are built on top of large Banyan or Wanborm trees. The entire Korowai clan assists in building the tree houses. After the tree house has been completed the home gets blessed by smearing animal fat throughout the tree house. Families live with their domesticated animals. Large homes have separate living spaces for the men and for the women family as well as separate fire pits.
The Korowai have a religious spiritual belief of spirits controlling the world. They consider the universe to be full of dangerous spirits. A significant role is assigned to the spirits of dead ancestors. The Korowai tribe is surrounded by numerous taboos and holds many secrets about their religious beliefs. Korowai women are said to have the knowledge of healing korowai individuals. They claim to have the ability to communicate with ancestral spirits and other spiritual beings. Korowai believe witches exist and...

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