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Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model
Healthcare Organization Merge
McNeese State University
When it comes time for any healthcare organization to merge or become something bigger it is important that they have a well thought out plan and guide to follow in order to achieve what they are setting out to do. For times like these, Kotter’s 8-step change model becomes a handy tool to use. Kotter has laid out a plan to follow in order to yield the best result when planning and implementing a new set of rules or ways of doing things in a company. The 8 step process is not only a useful tool, but a necessary one.
Lake Charles Urgent Care has decided to merge with Lake Charles Memorial health systems so that they can reach more patients and have more funds available to treat patients. In order for this merger to happen the management team must effectively use and implement Kotter’s 8-step change model. By using this model, it helps keep in mind the main stakeholders of both companies which are patients, providers, payors, and policymakers. These four stakeholders are vital in the implementation and success of a major merger like this. The eight steps that management will follow are increase urgency, build guiding teams, get the vision right, communication for buy in, enable action, create short term wins, don’t let up, and make it stick.
The first step in this change model is increase urgency. For the team to hit the ground running and get the change started, they must create a sense of urgency among the providers of the organizations. The reason that the urgency must be relayed to the providers is that they will ultimately be the ones effecting and helping implement the changes to come. By management getting the providers on board for the change to come allows them to move on to the second step of the model which is build guiding teams.
Guiding teams are used in the change model to find people who can become...

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