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Kpmg: Four Functional Areas Of Human Resources Management

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Performance Management
Performance management is defined as the partnership of two individuals reaching for a mutual goal, exceptional performance. They are the employee and the supervisor.
Although most companies have different strategic goals to achieve; they need to make sure that not only are the goals of the company are followed through, but the performance of each individual employee is recognized. The company also has to ensure their supervisors are willing to push their subordinates to their fullest potential in whatever their career goals may be.
KPMG ensures that their goals and expectations within the company are met by stressing their strategic culture through what they call, ...view middle of the document...

If they are initially recognized the first day of recruitment, then continued to be through career development and performance appraisals, this evidently ensures that the relationship between supervisor and employee is strong. If relationships are strong then that translates to a strong company.
Lastly the fourth strategic pillar is called, Community Leadership, and this is achieved through giving employees the chance to give back to their community. KPMG allows each individual employee flexibility to donate to any charity organizations of their choice. Employees are then growing and aligning themselves with KPMG’s goal of continuous improvement. This is a clear example of how companies that are being an advocate for change is essential to gain loyalty from employees, especially if they encouraged to be community leaders.
So how does KPMG measure these unique expectations through performance appraisals? They do this by a series of methods, both narratively and formally. Initially, every employee is assigned with a performance manager per department. KPMG’s employees have joint tasks assigned with different supervisors in which they call, engagement managers; whom identifies what is the purpose of the engagement, what are the roles given, and what are the tasks needed to complete. At the end of each individual’s task, they provide verbal feedback to the employee on what went well (or what did not go well), and in what ways can they improve efficiency for the company. This is a practice of narrative forms, which is mandatory for a productive two-way conversation between supervisors and employees. Having narrative appraisals rids the issue of ineffective communication since this provides a more personal level of employee appreciation.
KPMG provides a handful of ways to appraise formally to employees. Above all, it is important for KPMG to set expectations even to their performance managers. Ideally, they need to identify emerging themes (which are defined as specific expectations of each role) in the employees’ performance such as: strengths that will be rewarded and development areas (weaknesses) that need to be corrected – reasons why they are not achieving the goals they have set out for themselves, or even noticing a decreased amount of motivation. Performance managers are also expected to be role-models of what “good performance” looks like by providing every day examples, even if they are minimal. Since there is usually a large number of employees present with several roles given to them, this is difficult for most of KPMG’s performance managers to maintain formally.
Since the performance manager is unrealistically in charge of a pool of employees’ performance appraisals, it is expected of the employees to do self-assessments as well. This is to ensure both the supervisor’s feedback is correctly appraised (no bias, halo effect, central tendency, or leniency) and the employee’s appraisal is not inflated. When the employee is rating...

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