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Kremlevskaya Vodka In Us. Marketing Plan.

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I have decided to market a product from Russia to the US.The product that I have chosen to introduce is a premium high end Russian vodka brand. Company's immediate and primary goal is to expand current sales of the company as a whole and fully maximizing its potential in the U.S. markets by launching and introducing a new brand of this premium Russian vodka called Kremlyovskaya Chocolate. Kremlyovskaya plans to accomplish this through the implementation of an aggressive advertising, promotion and marketing plan, by communicating to Vodka drinkers the acknowledged superiority of Kremly Vodka. The company's intent is to efficiently execute the marketing and sales plan to accomplish the sales growth and profitability goals consistent with the financial plan.Other similar products determined include flavored vodka from other competing labels such as Smirnoff Raspberry Twist, Stolichnaya Vanilla, Absolute Pepper and Orange and Kurant. They market these products various ways. First of all, these companies like to sponsor sporting events, have celebrities order their brand of flavored vodka on screen, advertise in print and billboards. The most viable part of marketing these brands are in their retail positioning where the companies try to place their product most efficiently in stores to best attract consumers. Incentives for distributors are created in that they are given a certain percentage of the sale of each bottle. Also, price cut are essential for obtaining and enticing new customers. Lastly, companies like to publicize high rating received by accredited testing groups on bottle labels as well as print ads.Stolichnaya Vodka has sold 55 million cases worldwide in the year 2000. It is currently and since 1999 been the number one selling vodka brand world wide among the top 10 brands in the world. About 50% of its sales are generated outside of Russia. Its price position varies throughout the world and in Russia it is sold at a price below the premiums. In the U.S. and other countries in Europe, it is sold at a high premium price point. Its Russian origin and heritage are positive. However, in Russia and Eastern Europe, especially, counterfeiting of Stolichnaya is a negative, as consumers in Russia search for alternative, reliable Russian quality vodkas such as Kremlyovskaya Vodka. Stolichnaya worldwide is also offered on the Internet at low prices further hampering its integrity. Stolichnaya also offers several flavored vodka line extensions to its core product.Smirnoff Vodka sold 15.9 million cases in 2001 worldwide, and it is the largest selling volume vodka brand other than the Russian vodka sales leaders. Global in status and brand recognition, it is priced at a level typically below the high end of the premium priced scale. Smirnoff is the leading vodka brand sold in the U.S., priced considerably below the imported vodka brands. This brand is very well advertised and promoted worldwide through print and PR.Absolute Vodka is the authentic...

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