Leadership And Family Skills For Ministry

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1. Describe the family-of-origin issues that have contributed positively and negatively to your
leadership. How will you be better equipped for ministry due to your family?

Growing up as the daughter of the son of alcoholic parents created an environment where acceptance was based on my performance. This was evidenced most in sports. I did everything I could to perform well enough to make my father proud. Yet, in some way I would always fall short. I was rewarded for when I did well and withheld from when I failed. A drive to succeed in everything started my struggle with perfectionism. While this did allow me to achieve academic success, it was at the cost of emotional and mental health. The final breakdowns that led me to seek help have already had a positive effect in equipping me for ministry. Because of the support and encouragement I found in counseling, I was able to discover the roots of my past. Unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving that I had unknowingly perpetuated from my father, I can now recognize and choose to think and act differently. As a leader, this issue helps me to be a more grace-based leader. I can respond with love and acceptance even when someone fails. Another positive contribution of my family-of-origin issues is the heart of compassion and sensitivity to others that developed in response to the emotional neglect of my father. Although this is definitely a strength and God has used this to develop me as a relational leader, it stands as a cautionary reminder to not allow that strength to become boundaryless to the point of burnout.

2. Describe some of the ministry communities that have most contributed to your heart
development. How do you expect to find them in the future?

Youth With a Mission, Horizon Christian Church, and Crossroads Christian Church have been the three main ministry communities that contributed significantly to my heart development. At YWAM, during my Discipleship Training School, I was forced into a diverse community of individuals intent on knowing God and making Him known. During this time, God allowed my heart to be examined with a microscope and some of the darkest places be brought to light. This was all done through cultivating group transparency and openness. Serving as praise leader at Horizon Christian Church, a church plant in Wilder Kentucky, stretched my heart to accept failure and deal with disappointment. After only six months in serving there, really investing in the other staff and the small congregation, it closed down. However, because of it, it led down a path of my husband and I continuing our biblical education. Without God using the pain of that experience to push our lives forward, I would not understand my calling as I do today. The change of location also brought the blessing of a new church family. Crossroads Christian Church helped to develop my heart in that they loved me without any expectations. My heart had...

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